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Ecuador Travel Tip

Warsaw's wild side (Guardian Unlimited)
travel: Praga used to be Warsaw's hottest district for all the wrong reasons - until artists started moving in

60-Second Review: Medis 24-7 Power Pack (Miami Herald)
It's a good emergency product for people who travel often. But the fact that it's worthless once the charge is gone is a downer. It's easy to use, but before buying you better make sure you get the right connection tip for your device.

TRAVEL TIP OF THE WEEK: Scents sensibly (The Naperville Sun)
Fragrance beads are a safe alternative to incense or scented candles when you want to cover up odors in hotel rooms or cruise-ship cabins. Just pack them in a sealed container and open the lid when you get to your room.

How I travel : Jon Toogood (The New Zealand Herald)
Do you travel light or heavy? As light as humanly possible. Cattle or first class? Whatever I can afford at the time! I can't travel without ... My iPod, a newspaper and a good book.

Travel (The West Australian)
Twice a day, just a few miles from downtown, Texas longhorn cattle ? icons of the Old West ? mosey down a street, hooves clicking on the brick pavement and heads bobbing under the weight of intimidating horns that stretch nearly two metres from tip to tip.

With Supplies Tight, Prices Are High (New York Times)
Faced with sticker shock at the gas pump, more travelers are turning to hybrid rental cars in search of savings. But with demand high, these green cars are commanding a premium.

A hometown talent hopes to be a Tip (Everett Herald)
Ryan Doner, a 16-year-old from Mukilteo, is the first player from Snohomish County to make Everett's 50-player protected list. The Silvertips hope he's not the last.

International Travel Site Vayama.Com Offers Tips To Help Business Travelers Increase Savings And Comfort (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)
As the cost of business travel continues to rise and the U.S. economy continues to decline, international business travelers have limited options when it comes to cutting costs and increasing comfort.

NBA China Games to Feature Bucks and Warriors (
The NBA China Games will return to China in October with two games featuring the Milwaukee Bucks and the Golden State Warriors in Beijing and Guangzhou, it was announced today by the NBA and the Chinese Basketball Association.

Easier way to fight corporate abuses (Jewish World Review) | (MCT) Consumers often tell me that they feel powerless against big corporations. It's hard to know which companies have a reputation for treating customers well and which ones are doing things that respect the environment, for instance.

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