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Guide for schools on statutory rape eyed (Las Vegas Review-Journal)
A teacher's guide on explaining statutory rape to teenage students has been flagged by the Clark County School Board, whose members want more information on the instructional material before approving it for use.

'The Objective of Education Is Learning, Not Teaching' (Knowledge at Wharton)
In their book, Turning Learning Right Side Up: Putting education Back on Track , authors Russell L. Ackhoff and Daniel Greenberg point out that today's education system is seriously flawed -- it focuses on teaching rather than learning. "Why should children -- or adults -- be asked to do something computers and related equipment can do much better than they can?" the authors ask in an excerpt ...

Guide to the Village Green (Santa Barbara Independent)
At most venues, the Jack Johnson Tour hosts a handful of regional nonprofits in addition to the four regular national/international organizations.

Guide Dogs of America brings freedom to the blind (The Enterprise Ledger)
The Guide Dogs of America helps bring sight-impaired new vision with guide dogs.

Moore offers his 'Election Guide' (USA Today)
Michael Moore has never been shy about making a political statement. Now the liberal filmmaker (Sicko, Fahrenheit 9/11), who pleaded with Caroline Kennedy this week to become Barack Obama's running mate, is doing his best to get the Democratic Illinois senator elected with Mike's Election Guide 2008 (Grand Central, 260 pp., $13.99, paperback original), on sale Tuesday. He spoke with USA TODAY's ...

Herner Provides an Education on How to Plan for College (The Acorn)
Jason Herner, president of National College Planners, specializes in helping families navigate the process of college planning. From the early stages of college selection to the last hurdle of developing methods to finance higher education, NCP provides a comprehensive service to address every family's needs and concerns.

New tertiary- education union another step closer (
The formation of a new union in the tertiary-education sector has moved a step closer with the adoption of a set of draft rules by representatives of the Association of University Staff (AUS) and Association of Staff in Tertiary Education (ASTE).

Weekend Guide (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
A list of things to do this weekend.

Education Week Speaker Gives Tips on Scripture Study (Brigham Young NewsNet)
Mark E. Beecher is giving a series of classes to help people improve their scripture study habits. Classes during Education Week offer a variety of topics for people to sharpen different skills.

Registration open for Urbandale fall activities (The Altoona Herald-Mitchellville Index)
The fall 2008 Urbandale Parks & Recreation and Community education program guide is now available. Sign up for these and other activities online at , by phone at 278-3963, or in person at office at 3600 86th St.

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