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Elementary Science Fair Experiment

Palos Heights man sues Argonne over experiment (SouthtownStar)
A day out with the family to celebrate Argonne National Laboratory's 60th anniversary ended badly when a science experiment went awry, a lawsuit filed Thursday in Cook County contends.

NASA Mars Phoenix Data More Negative On Potential For Life (SpaceRef)
NASA will announce today that new data from the Phoenix Mars lander indicate that it is looking less conclusive that soil analyzed by the lander's soil chemistry experiment is Earth-like and can support life.

Perchlorate found on Mars makes soil less Earthlike [60-Second Science Blog] (Scientific American)
Martian soil may be less Earthlike and less hospitable to life than researchers believed. NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander has found traces of perchlorate in two soil samples analyzed during the past month, the space agency announced today. The results appeared to be the same ones rumored this weekend by to have been seen by the White House and to reflect Mars's habitability for ...

First Contact (SpaceDaily)
by Ray Villard for Astrobiology Magazine Moffett Field CA (SPX) Aug 05, 2008 Astrobiology Magazine presents another 'Gedanken', or thought experiment - musings on scientific mysteries in a series of "what if" scenarios.

Camp experiments with science for children (Daytona Beach News-Journal)
NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- "Three, two, one, Go."

Gallery: Rain Forest, Coral Reef and Planetarium Under One Green Roof (Wired News)
: Photo: Annaliza Savage/ SAN FRANCISCO -- The California Academy of Sciences is practicing what they preach. The organization's new 410,000-square-foot eco-friendly facility in Golden Gate Park is a living, breathing science experiment. The Renzo Piano-designed structure is the only building in the world to house a planetarium, museum of natural history and aquarium under the same ...

NASA Spacecraft Analyzing Martian Soil Data (NASA)
Scientists are analyzing results from soil samples delivered several weeks ago to science instruments on NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander to understand the landing site's soil chemistry and mineralogy

What does the White House know about life on Mars that you don't? [60-Second Science Blog] (Scientific American)
Is NASA telling the White House something about life on Mars that it hasn't told anyone else? [More]

Cosmic Log: Science?s summer blockbuster (MSNBC)
Science editor Alan Boyle's Weblog: The advance buzz about the Large Hadron Collider is growing into a constant hum, with the atom-smasher's debut now expected in September.

Conflicting Results from Phoenix Science Instruments Prompts Further Study (Universe Today)
Scientists from the Phoenix lander are analyzing conflicting results from soil samples delivered to two science instruments on the Mars lander. Two different samples analyzed by the spacecraft's Wet Chemistry Lab both suggested one of the soil constituents may be perchlorate, a highly oxidizing substance. But results from the TEGA instrument, (Thermal and [...]

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