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Trulia's New iPhone House Finder (BusinessWeek)

Fair attendance up for first weekend (Lincoln Journal Star)
The Nebraska State Fair is on its way to its fifth consecutive increase in annual attendance, based on results released Monday for the opening weekend.

Swimmer's lost treasure returned (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
On the last day of vacation in Ocean City, Md., a rough surf separated Michael Chosky from a double Ziploc bag with more than $1,000 he thought he had secured in a Velcro pocket of his swim ...

Bluefish Bonanza: Queen Mary party boat guides clients to fertile fishing grounds (The Morning Call)
Queen Mary party boat guides clients to fertile fishing grounds. If you're searching for a cerebral angling experience that requires great patience, stealth and finesse, forget about fishing aboard the Queen Mary.

AARP Launches Four Online Health Tools To Empower Consumers To Make Informed Choices In Care (Medical News Today)
AARP announced that it has added four new health tools to its Web site, to help consumers get trusted, reliable online health information. These tools will enable people to do everything from choose an excellent doctor or hospital, to better understand and evaluate their own health symptoms, conditions and medicines.

Trulia's New iPhone House Finder (BusinessWeek Online via Yahoo! News)
House hunting? Forget the listing agents and classified ads. Now you can find homes for sale with a few taps on a smartphone.

AAA: Labor Day travel expected to decline for 3rd time (ABC 15 Phoenix)
According to AAA?s annual Labor Day travel survey, fewer people are expected to head out of town for this summer's final holiday weekend; it's the third consecutive travel holiday with a decline.

Treasure May Spark Mad Grab By Heirs (The Tampa Tribune)
More people are sure to lay claim to what may be the largest treasure ever recovered from the sea, said Mark Gordon, president of Odyssey Marine Exploration, the company that found the loot more than a year ago.

Trulia's New iPhone House Finder (BusinessWeek Online via Yahoo! UK & Ireland Finance)
The free app lets iPhone-toting house hunters find listings and open houses in their vicinity. But it's not the only smartphone real estate tool

Web sites offer ONE-STOP HOMEWORK HELP (Pacific Daily News)
When your child needs help understanding photosynthesis or converting miles to kilometers or finding the flag of Mauritania, you want a one-stop site with multiple information references.

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