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Engineer Probability Statistics

Lankan engineer?s solar link for electric cars (Daily News)
The concept is revolutionary. The parameters are both gargantuan and global. A Sri Lankan Chemical Engineer turned Management Consultant has revealed his proposition to replace petrol completely by solar energy as the alternative automobile fuel.

Special Reports (Online Journal)
( WMR ) -- A little-known Georgia lobbying network in Washington, DC, is working together with faux progressive guru George Soros and John McCain foreign policy adviser/Georgia uber-lobbyist Randy Scheunemann to prop up Georgia as a NATO client state and engineer a renewed Cold War with Russia, with U.S. defense contractors poised to rake in even more obscene profits.

Man with 12 kids named Dad of the Year (The Mercury)
A LEADING mining engineer who has 12 highly successful children has been named the 2008 Queensland Father of the Year.

Engineer makes space trips his odyssey (The Lompoc Record)
Aerospace engineer Sam Kelman has racked up a few frequent flier miles in helping foreign satellites leave Earth from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Top dad father of dozen (The Courier Mail)
A LEADING mining engineer who has 12 highly successful children _ and fostered many others _ has been named the 2008 Queensland Father of the Year.

Software engineer found dead at home in Delhi (New Kerala)
New Delhi, Aug 31 : A 35-year-old software engineer was found dead in mysterious circumstances Sunday at his home in the national capital, the police said.

Engineer says Washington proposal endangers wetlands (Republican-American)
WASHINGTON, Conn. -- An engineer hired by opponents of a proposed inn at the former Wykeham Rise property presented a report Wednesday calling the site plans a danger to wetlands.

Second intersection to be replaced by roundabout (The Hamilton Journal News)
Construction will begin on Butler County's second major roundabout today, Sept. 2, according to the Butler County Engineer's Office.

59 pass electronics engineer board exam (Philippine Daily Inquirer)
MANILA, Philippines?The Professional Regulation Commission has announced that 59 test-takers passed the Professional Electronics Engineer Examination, the Professional Regulation Commission announced Monday.

Computer engineer found dead (The Telegraph)
New Delhi, Aug. 31 (PTI): A software engineer was found dead in his rented home in central Delhi today, police said.

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