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England Family New Vacation

Sixty years of family togetherness (Grand Rapids Herald-Review)
When the words ?family vacation? are mentioned, some people might cringe. That is absolutely not the case with a family with its roots in Illinois, a family who has made a week get-away to the same northern Minnesota resort a family tradition for 60 years.

Here's how to get more vacation time (The Times of Northwest Indiana)
When family rights advocate John De Graff started doing some historical research, he came across a shocking discovery -- that medieval European peasants had more vacation time than modern American office workers.

Vacation over, Obama in fighting form (Politico via Yahoo! News)
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Barack Obama has emerged from a weeklong family vacation with a little bit of a cold, but also with a more confrontational campaign strategy. It includes going public with new attacks and trying to turn Republican attacks�? and even John McCain's own jokes�? back at McCain.

Searchers find plane, bodies of Texas family in Park County (Rocky Mountain News)
Searchers on Sunday located the bodies of a family of four from Houston who were killed when their plane slammed into a rugged Park County mountainside Friday while they were flying home from vacation.

iReporters share worst vacation nightmares (
Vacation season is nearly over, and kids are returning to school with the telltale tans and smiles that mean they had a wonderful and relaxing holiday.

Time Share: A Great Vacation Opportunity for the Family (Today's News-Herald)
(ARA) - With a busy family, hectic work schedule and decisions to be made daily on a variety of topics and issues, one thing the average person does not want to struggle over is where to vacation to get some rest.

Options abound for taking family pets along on vacation (Albany Times Union)
Options abound for taking family pets along on vacation We love pampering our pets, and vacation time is no different.In the past three years, more than 29 million of us have taken a trip with our pets, according to the Travel Industry Association. The majority of four-legged travelers are dogs, though even cats, ferrets and rabbits occasionally travel with their owners. Sharing a walk on the ...

Will Fifi Go on Vacation Too? (Carteret County News-Times)
(ARA) - Summertime is a great time for a vacation. Everyone looks forward to the annual family outing when you pack up the family and head for the car, airplane, train or bus and take that getaway you have been waiting for all year long.

Vacation vehicle destroyed by fire (Cape Cod Times)
A Stoneham family lost their Ford Explorer and all of their belongings after their vehicle caught fire last night as they made their way home after a week's vacation on the Cape.

Austin area full of family-friendly attractions (
Ryan Libbey, 10, was in vacation heaven.

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