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Famous People of the Renaissance

Misbun Sidek holds court (The New Straits Times)
MENTION Misbun Sidek, and the first thing that comes to mind for many people is badminton. The eldest of the famous Sidek brothers, Misbun, 48, once ruled the courts.

In New Orleans, there's silence before Hurricane Gustav (Dallas Morning News)
NEW ORLEANS ? On Sunday, the Big Easy braced for the Big One. Thousands of people fled on interstates converted into one-way escape routes, National Guardsmen roamed neighborhoods with M-16s, mall parking lots stood vacant, and an eerie silence descended on a world-famous party city.

News of the Weird: People collect stamps, autographs, rare books and baseball cards, so why not pay $119,500 for a ... (News of the Weird via Yahoo! News)
People collect stamps, autographs, rare books and baseball cards, so why not pay $119,500 for a lock of hair off the head of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara?

End of summer means end of carousel season (News 10 Now Syracuse)
Many people consider the Labor Day weekend the unofficial end of summer. It's also the end of a yearly tradition in Broome County. News 10 Now's Neil St. Clair takes us for a ride on the famous antique carousels.

British movie star, film maker call on Afghans to stop fighting (People's Daily)
British film star Jude Law and famous film maker Jeremy Gilley on Monday called upon Afghans to stop fighting and observe International Day of Peace on Sept. 21. "Our message is want people to stop fighting. Of course, we do not want innocent people including children and women to suffer unnecessarily and unfairly," Jude Law told newsmen at a press conference here. Accompanied by renowned film ...

Trusting people is an important factor for managers (Fort Worth Business Press)
Can you imagine being a manager and not trusting people? I don?t necessarily mean specific people, I mean people in general. Unfortunately, I think many managers are unconscious of their biases in this regard, having ?handy stories? justifying behavior that might otherwise be considered paranoid.

Two-day Darlington festival draws about 5,000 (That's Racin')
DARLINGTON, S.C. - It was like old times at Darlington Raceway, but with no stock cars competing and a much smaller crowd than had traditionally gathered for the Labor Day weekend race. NASCAR's "Lady In Black" hosted its first Historic Racing Festival this week with about 125 cars on display and about 5,000 people attending the two-day event. Fans got to see some of NASCAR's most famous former ...

Retail center changed the way people shopped, and it's still changing (The Salem News)
PEABODY and mdash; Fifty years ago, when the Northshore Shopping Center was dedicated on Sept. 12, 1958, 50,000 people showed up. The palatial Jordan Marsh, gleaming William Filene's and Sons and host of other shops beckoned the throngs.

Too famous to need an address (The Times of India)
It's among the most famous addresses in Kolkata, but till a few days ago, no one - not even the postal department - was sure of the address.

Alonso Snr defends famous son (
''He is a happy and affectionate person'' Fernando Alonso's father says his famous son does not deserve the reputation as an arrogant champion whose F1 successes went to his head... �

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