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More delays for 'The Cove at Kirksville' (KTVO TV 3 Kirksville)
By John Garlock Tuesday, September 30, 2008 at 3:46 p.m. KIRKSVILLE, MO. -- First, it was a wet spring and summer delaying a new student housing complex in Kirksville.

9 Sites That Find People and Their 'Sensitive' Information (PC World)
Here are the best sites for locating people, as well as the best sites (like Glassdoor and Criminal Searches) for finding sensitive (but public) information about them.

Fact Finder (WHOI Peoria)
Fact Finder digs deeper into the stories that matter most to you and your family. Weekend flooding takes woman on wild ride Monday, September 15, 2008 The flash flooding over the weekend nearly cost a Peoria woman her life when the rushing water swept her into an open storm drain taking her on a trip she won't soon forget.

World Briefs (Times of Malta)
A girl plays as she is surrounded by Muslims performing Eid al-Fitr prayers outside a mosque in Jakarta yesterday. Millions of people gathered at the mosques around Indonesia provinces to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

The Architect (Forbes)
Bill Rawn enjoyed being creative, but his father discouraged him. Eventually, Rawn designed himself a happy ending.

Prevent iTunes 8 from adding track numbers to filenames (Macworld)
One of the preferences removed in iTunes 8 was the ability to control whether or not iTunes would add track (and disc) numbers to songs? filenames. Learn how to regain control, and fix filenames if they?ve been modified.

100 Incredibly Useful and Interesting Web Sites (PC World)
Whether you need to find a home, share a huge file, or throw a wicked curve with a Wiffle ball, you'll find these sites indispensable.

How Healthy Are Alabama?s Banks? (NBC 13 Birmingham)
More than a dozen banks have failed in this country since the beginning of the year.� Many bankers are getting questions they?ve never been asked before due to the crisis in their industry. While no banks have failed here in Alabama - the latest takeover includes wachovia by citigroup.� We answer the question, How Healthy Are Alabama?s Banks in this Fact Finder Report.

Stop ITunes 8 From Adding Track Numbers to Filenames (PC World)
As we've discussed in prior hints, iTunes 8 removed a number of preferences that were available in iTunes 7. In the Set some...

Review 2009 Medicare Health And Drug Plan Options, Consumer Group Advises: Most Private Plans' Costs And Benefits ... (Medical News Today)
With premiums for most major Medicare drug plans rising sharply in 2009, many people with Medicare must look for alternative coverage as Medicare prescription drug and health plans begin marketing their 2009 plan offerings starting October 1, warned the Medicare Rights Center, a national consumer service organization.

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