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Not easy to find work this Labor Day (Santa Cruz Sentinel)
CAPITOLA -- Job-hunters Jerome Arrington and Sophia Lorenzo say it's tough to find work right now. Arrington, 29, of Santa Cruz, hopes to find work at a warehouse or in construction, but he sees contractors from out of town bringing their own crews to do local jobs.

Lockheed Martin consortium wins $276m UK census deal (Computer Business Review)
The consortium, which includes Broadcasting Support Services, Cable & Wireless, Logica, Oracle, Polestar Group, Royal Mail, Steria, and UK Data Capture, will work with the ONS and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency to design, install, and support the information-processing system, which will enable census questionnaires to be completed via the internet for the first time in ...

Ad targeting based on Internet access providers' tracking in doubt after privacy scrutiny (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)
NEW YORK - It sounded like a winning proposition ? free money ? for Internet access providers.

'Attending' school on the Web (Arizona Daily Star)
High school math teacher Dan Tucker no longer has to worry about whether this student's midriff is showing or that one can have bathroom privileges. And now, with his only commute being the one along the Internet's information superhighway, he has been known on occasion to work in his pajamas from his rural Catalina home.

Microsoft: No more Windows Live Mail crashes with Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 (IT World)
I can no longer connect to the internet using internet explorer on my inspiron 9300 Dell laptop. I tried downloading version 7 and it still won't work. I can connect with mozila firefox just fine, but I prefer to use internet explorer. Does anyone have any ideas?

Searching For The Best Place To Work? (CBS News)
Anyone who goes on the Internet knows Google. Turns out you'd have to search far and wide to find employees who get a better deal than can be found at the Internet company, reports CBS News correspondent John Blackstone.

Library branch to reopen New mall site features wireless Internet, more space, variety (Erie Times-News)
Wireless Internet access. More parking spaces.

Explosive growth of Internet and some questions (CIOL)
If you are able to read this article without any glitches, thank Internet and its ever-improving delivery standards. However, performance problems continue to hurt Internet, which has to consistently face the ever-increasing traffic and perform better.

Get Your Computer Back in the Fast Lane (Carteret County News-Times)
(ARA) - Does your computer take forever to load programs or change pages when you're surfing the Internet? Have you ever been in the middle of writing an e-mail only to have the screen freeze and force you to reboot and lose all your work?

ESC chairman to work Labor Day (The News & Observer)
Employment Security Commission Chairman Harry Payne and other ESC staff members will work again this Labor Day.

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