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Latest Technology Headlines (New York Times)
Cellphones, Cameras, Computers and more. When Comcast admitted last fall that it was blocking ? or slowing down, as the company preferred to call it ? certain file transfers by customers, a lot of people complained that the company was unfairly discriminating against heavy Internet users.

Technology providing tools to help in search for a dream home (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
Around-the-clock Internet access, and a wealth of information online, quickens the pace at which consumers decide to buy ? whether it?s a handbag, vacation or a house.

Cistera Networks' Chief Technology Officer Greg Royal to Discuss Communications Strategies for Higher Education at ... (Centre Daily Times)
Cistera Networks(R) (OTCBB: CNWT) a leading provider of enterprise application platforms and engines for Internet Protocol (IP) Communications, announced that Greg Royal, the company Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, will speak at the 2008 Association for Information Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education (ACUTA) Conference scheduled for July 13-17 in ...

Internet pharmacies often bypass prescriptions (Orlando Sentinel)
A large majority of 365 Internet sites that advertise or sell controlled medications by mail are offering to supply the drugs without a proper prescription, according to a new study. The online trade is stoking the rising abuse of addictive and dangerous prescription drugs, the authors and federal officials say.

Internet Angst, Identity Crisis, Relationship Drama: Recapping a Neurotic Week (
A vulnerability in the Internet's domain name system left essentially the entire Web open to widespread attack, but the technology community worked to patch the flaw before it could be exploited. Dan Kaminsky, a security researcher, noticed that the DNS was vulnerable to domain cache poisoning, and the discovery amounted to a red alert for the security community.

ROY-HART: District discusses Internet filtering (Lockport Union-Sun & Journal)
Recent Royalton-Hartland graduate Steven Hagen made a presentation Thursday night to the Board of Education that has some of the members talking about the district?s Internet filtering technology.

Is DNSSEC the Answer to Internet Security? (
The technology to secure the DNS system has been around for four years, yet many servers don?t use it.

MOC to use technology to reach out (New Bern Sun Journal)
As Mount Olive College looks to be more visible in New Bern, the campus director says the school has new Internet technology that can help it reach out to the community.

SA govt to rig buses for free internet (ZDNet Australia)
The South Australian Government is planning to offer free internet on the state's public transport system to make it more appealing to use ? but it needs to find a hardware vendor and ISP willing to install the technology first.

?E-rate? technology saves Murray schools more than $1 million (The Dalton Daily Citizen)
Normally the percentage of students a school system has on free or reduced meals is not a bragging point, but in Murray County the numbers are allowing the information technology department to save money on telecommunications services and related infrastructure.

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