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Cablevision finishes first phase of wireless Internet service (Asbury Park Press)
Cablevision Systems Corp., one of the largest cable-TV providers in Monmouth and Ocean counties, finished the first phase of a $300 million wireless internet network, a step that could give it an edge over telephone companies invading its territory.

Grant Enables CCC To Go Wireless (
Cleveland Community College is now connected. Thanks to a grant from the AT&T Foundation, nearly all of the 44-acre campus has wireless internet access.

Users Dial Up Mobile Internet (Marketing Y Medios)
NEW YORK Mobile Internet usage is exhibiting healthy growth in 2008, as more Americans adapt to Web friendly phones and existing users grow more adventurous, per a new report by mobile techology vendor Crisp Wireless.

US Mobile Internet Useage Jumps by Nearly a Third in Q2 (
Mobile ad agency, Crisp Wireless has published a quarterly overview of mobile internet traffic and reports that mobile web usage grew significantly with a 29.4% increase from 1Q08 to 2Q08.

Sony unveils wireless photo frame (The Inquirer)
SONY HAS ANNOUNCED the launch of the Vaio CP1 wireless photo frame. We thought most photo frames were wireless, but apparently this one is digital and Wi-Fi enabled, allowing people share their holiday snaps over the network as well as receive news via RSS and stream internet radio to the device.

KOTA MARUDU : Kota Marudu is to enjoy wireless Internet facility. Member of Parliament Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili said yesterday Mimos Berhad planned to provide the facility in the town soon, most probably by early November.

802.11n brings faster wireless Internet access (MSNBC)
More laptops have what is known as 802.11n wireless, which offers much better Internet speed and security than previous standards.

Chesterfield launches free wireless Internet service (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
Chesterfield County today is launching a new service called Citizen Wi-Fi to allow free wireless Internet service to library users and people visiting county buildings. The service will be available at all county libraries as well as the county's public meeting room and community development building multipurpose room. There is no fee, but customers must have their own equipment.

Seeking an answer to wireless 911 calls (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
By ANTHONY SPANGLER When the Tarrant County emergency dispatcher answered the 911 call, the man who needed medical attention was 1,400 miles away in New York City. He was on a wireless phone that uses the Internet for transmission. "We found out that caller?s Internet provider was in the Fort Worth area, and we were able to transfer the call back to New York where the person needed help," said ...

American Leads In Launch Of U.S. Inflight Wireless Internet (Business Travel News)
SEPTEMBER 02, 2008 -- American Airlines in August became the first domestic carrier to launch full wireless inflight internet access, rolling out the service across its 15-plane Boeing 767-200 fleet.

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