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Will memristors prove irresistible? (Planet Analog)
The transistor was invented in 1925 but lay dormant until finding a corporate champion in Bell Labs during the 1950s. Now another groundbreaking electronic circuit may be poised for the same kind of success after languishing as an academic curiosity for more than three decades.

Sector Snap: Electronic retailers mostly decline (AP via Yahoo! Finance)
Shares of electronic retailers headed toward a lower finish on Monday, as stocks on Wall Street declined amid more signs of weakness in the financial sector.

Insurer's device keeps tabs on how you drive (Houston Chronicle)
A high-tech monitoring device makes it possible to reduce insurance premiums for drivers who avoid jackrabbit starts and slam-on-the-brakes stops, an insurance company says.

Application Processor integrates display/interface functions. (ThomasNet)
Model S1C33L17 is suited for analog input large-screen, full-graphic LCDs and supports various interfaces. Unit features color LCD control circuit compatible with up to 16-bit color TFT-type LCDs and includes USB 2.0 connectivity, AD converter, and interfaces for electronic media, SDRAM, and NAND flash memory. It includes I2S external interface, enabling selection of 16- or 24-bit resolution for ...

Police won't say how former Waterbury cop had stun device (Republican-American)
WATERBURY -- Police, because of a pending criminal investigation, are declining to elaborate on how a retired officer was able to keep a city-issued electronic stun device when he left the force.

New Lithium Battery From Energizer Fuels Gamers and High-Tech Device Users (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)
Consumers looking for a long-lasting battery to reliably power wireless gaming accessories, digital cameras, hand-held games or MP3 players, need not look further.

Former Waterbury police officer arrested on larceny charge (Republican-American)
Former Waterbury police officer Bruce Bochicchio was charged Monday with keeping a municipally issued electronic stun gun after he left the force.

DVI/USB Splitter features 4 channels. (ThomasNet)
Including 2:4 DVI splitter with 4-port USB 1.1 hub and USB extended outputs, Model CU8810 allows up to 4 displays showing same or 2 separate images to be connected to same PC. It transfers images via DVI, and integrated USB ports transfer command signals from touch screens, function keys, keyboards, and other USB devices that may be equipped on displays. Device has 2 DVI-D inputs and 4 DVI-D ...

Hold the line, I?m reaching Level Six (Financial Times)
It may be called the iPhone, not the iConsole, but the biggest impact of the latest version of Apple?s signature device has been as a video game machine.

Theft device is found in ATM (The Florida Times-Union)
People who have used a Wachovia automated teller machine in the Sawgrass Village shopping center in Ponte Vedra Beach should check their bank accounts for unusual charges after a theft device was found on the machine, the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office said this week.

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