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Megapixels and the Camera World (All About Jazz)
Megapixels, like megahertz before them, are the big consumer swindle of the camera world.

Rise of emerging markets reshapes global economic map (People's Daily)
In the past, a sharp slowdown in the United States would trigger a severe decline in world growth. But now the dynamic of the world has changed with a fundamental shift being under way. TRADE WITH EMERGING ECONOMIES HAS SAVED AMERICA FROM RECESSION "We are experiencing the first episode in history of reverse coupling, in which the rest of the world pulls the U.S. forward rather than the ...

Let's talk about World War III (Asia Times)
It is time to seriously contemplate World War III. The most important elements are already in place. Just as so many experts on the Caucasus have predicted, the region has become a power keg and the main source of great-power rivalry.

INTERACTIVE MAP: Independence movements around the world (Journal Inquirer)
Click here to explore an interactive map of ongoing independence movements around the world.

Sotheby's puts Delhi on art map 25 Aug 2008, 1238 hrs IST,IANS (The Times of India)
LONDON: Delhi is now firmly on the world art map with auctioneer Sotheby's deciding to provoke buyer interest in India's capital for its future London auctions.

Sotheby's puts Delhi on art map after New York, Paris, London (New Kerala)
London, Aug 25 : Delhi is now firmly on the world art map with auctioneer Sotheby's deciding to provoke buyer interest in India's capital for its future London auctions.

new world map: India against China: global competition, outsourcing, technology, leaders (cmi valpara�so)
which nation is going to lead in this century, China, India, or America? What takes to get ahead in borderless finance, wealth, investment, jobs, competition, entrepreneurship? What is the next in global business, tade, and politics map?

Obama: World must not let Iran corner Israel (AFP via Yahoo! News)
White House hopeful Barack Obama said Monday sanctions and diplomacy must be made to bite against Iran so that Israel does not feel its "back is against the wall" and stages an attack.

Africa's oldest map to be commemorated today (SABC News)
The world's oldest map of Africa is being commemorated in Cape Town today. The Montalboddo Fracan map of Africa is 500 years old. It was first published in Milan in 1508 and is the first known map of Africa printed as a separate continent.'s iPhone 3G Survey Reveals Network Weaknesses (Wired News) asked iPhone 3G users around the world to test their speeds and enter their data on an interactive map to get a general idea of how 3G was performing -- where it's best and where it's worst -- in light of widespread complaints about the handset's network performance. More than 2,600 people participated and the results suggest that widespread data speed problems have more to do with ...

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