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50 estate hospitals under Health Ministry (Daily News)
The Healthcare and Nutrition Ministry has made arrangements to take over another 50 estate hospitals by next year. The ministry has already taken over 20 estate hospitals to upgrade health facilities of the estate community, a Ministry spokesman said.

Nutrition IQ (The Columbus Dispatch)
Bad fats The American Heart Association has launched a new Web site -- www., featuring characters called Sat and Trans -- to help teach people what foods they should avoid.

Botswana: Food for the Soul - Time Ripe For Home Grown Food Security And Nutrition (
I was in the heart of Africa in the last couple of weeks, and as you can well expect, most things just don't work in many parts of our great continent.

Web site offers diabetes information (Battle Creek Enquirer)
The Beehive, a free resource Web site targeting low-income families, has launched a new service for people with diabetes. The online tool offers guidelines for taking medications, monitoring blood sugar, nutrition, fitness and also offers a glossary of terms used by doctors.

Newest guru advises tech workers to pull the plug on information sources (International Herald Tribune)
Timothy Ferriss, who now commands a bevy of high-tech devotees, is a first-time motivational author. His business lessons, focused on cutting out useless information, have been culled from his six years running a modest sports nutrition company that sells, mostly over the Internet, supplements used by athletes.

Nutrition Notes: Make Your Muscles Work (Kansas City InfoZine)
By Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN - While the term "strength training" may elicit images of a Speedo-clad Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilders encompass only a fraction of strength-training enthusiasts. In fact, from marathoners to moms, everyone can benefit from increasing their muscle mass.

Ag groups on guard against payment limits to spouse (AG Weekly)
TWIN FALLS, Idaho ? A proposal by Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, chairman of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee, that was leaked to the press in September has some farm women hopping mad.

Catholic Charities plans nutrition education series (The Post-Standard)
C atholic Charities will hold a series of workshops on nutrition education from 9 a.m. to noon Tuesday through Friday.

Boxer fights for kids' nutrition (The Columbus Dispatch)
With the last name Ali, you know you have to fight and fight big.

Lunches fail nutrition guidelines (Stuff)
Only one in 10 packed school lunches meet nutritional guidelines - and children who do get healthy food throw it away, a study has found.

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