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Pedro Property Rent San

In Top College Football Towns, Buy or Rent? (US News & World Report)
Study outlines the towns where buying is cheaper than renting, and vice versa.

To claim HRA deduction, one should be paying rent (Express India)
When one lives in a house owned by oneself, there is no question of paying any rent or producing any rent receipts. Therefore, the full amount of HRA being paid to one will be taxable

Commerical Connection: Professional property management services pay off (The News-Press)
Professional property management services are gaining prominence because those services, in large measure, determine the final image, atmosphere,...

Council Okays Lease of Railroad Property (The Missourian)
Washington City Council members have authorized an agreement to lease Union Pacific Railroad property on the north side of Front Street, east of Cedar Street.

Agency awards funds for housing rehabilitation in Pasadena (The Pasadena Citizen)
Realizing that many young families and retired individuals are struggling to keep pace with rising rent levels, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) has announced that it will help finance an affordable rental property in Pasadena that will bring much-needed stability to the lives of area tenants and monetary benefits to the local economy.

Candidate's $100-a-month office rent raises questions (The Florida Times-Union)
With the primary election about two weeks away, St. Johns County Commission candidate Randy Brunson is getting grilled about the amount of rent he's paying for his campaign headquarters in St. Augustine.

Rent, property tax refund program is underutilized (The Times Record)
AUGUSTA ? Applications are now being accepted for the state's "circuit breaker" program. Maine's Property Tax and Rent Refund Program may provide up to $2,000 for qualifying homeowners and renters. It is the state's primary tax assistance program.

Designed to Rent (New York Times)
With so many vacation getaways entering the rental market, owners and property management companies are now looking to design to draw vacationers.

Company Aims to Help with Housing Crisis by Allowing Vendors to Sell and Rent Back Their Property (PRWeb via Yahoo! News)
Beese Properties claims they have found the solution for people who are dealing with repossession. They say they can stop the repossession, and also give their clients a place to live for the long term.

Eagle-Vail: Short rentals OK (Vail Daily)
EAGLE-VAIL, Colorado ? Don?t worry, Eagle-Vail homeowners, you can rent your homes out short-term.

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