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San Diego Vacation Deal

Cadet program can launch police career (KTAR 92.3 Phoenix)
If you're a kid who's always wanted to be a police officer, the Phoenix Police Department has a deal for you. The department's Cadet Program allows young adults to work side-by-side with sworn officers to learn what it takes to be a brother in blue.

Combat soldiers face new money stress (CNN)
FORT RILEY, Kansas (AP) -- Soldiers and families who deal with enough stress during 12-month deployment to Iraq say they're now keeping a little closer eye on their finances.

Week 5 NFL Picks: Jaguars-Steelers will be a fight (The Sporting News via Yahoo! News)
The Pittsburgh Steelers are a prime-time hit, and more than their rabid following, it's because, well, their defense is always trying to deliver prime-time hits. This season, however, it's been about Big Ben being clocked often.

Switching e-mail addresses doesn't have to hurt (PhysOrg)
In many ways, changing your e-mail address is harder than changing your mailing address. There's no post office to make sure that your mail gets forwarded and senders are notified of the switch. Plus, you have to deal with transferring contacts and old messages.

Kenny Chesney Ices Plumb Rum Deal (Great American Country)
Sept. 30, 2008 ? Kenny Chesney will likely do some serious alcohol-tasting in the coming months ? and it?s all part of the job. Constellation Spirits, a Chicago-based alcohol company, announced on Monday that it?s struck a deal with Kenny to develop a new rum.

Fortunes of soldiers (Worcester Telegram & Gazette)
FORT RILEY, Kan. - Soldiers and families who deal with enough stress during 12-month deployments to Iraq say they're now keeping a little closer eye on their finances.

Vacation Home Mortgage Loans (AllBusiness via Yahoo! Finance)
Obtaining a loan for a vacation home can be a challenge because lenders assume you are more likely to default on this additional mortgage. That risk is passed on to you in several different forms.

How to deal when your family is having money trouble (Belleville News-Democrat)
Devon, 17, is used to paying her own cell phone and car expenses. But lately it's been harder. The family she babysits for hasn't been calling as much, and she couldn't find a job over the summer. Devon's dad says it's a sign of the tough economy. He told her he's feeling the pinch too, and that he had to dip into her college fund to pay the mortgage.

Terri's vacation time changed the face, pace of WWE divas (Miami Herald)
Helping inspire the creation of WWE's divas, Terri Lynne Boatright Runnels (former WWE diva Terri) got her big break in pro wrestling after leaving CNN in Washington DC.

Kenny Chesney - Rum Deal For Chesney (ContactMusic)
Country star KENNY CHESNEY has landed a rum deal with drinks company Constellation Spirits. The singer/songwriter will help to develop the beverage and will also be ...

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