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Science Experiment You Can Eat

The Large Hadron Collider: Countdown (Scientific American)
On September 10, the world's biggest science experiment is set to come online. Here's how it will search for the Higgs boson, dark matter and supersymmetry [More]

Hooked on science: Air takes up space (Southeast Missourian)
Here's a cool experiment that proves air takes up space. Materials:* Water* Plastic cup* Napkin* BowlInstructions:STEP 1: Fill the bowl will water. STEP 2: Wad the napkin and push it into the bottom of the plastic cup.

Biggest experiment to go off with bang (The Australian)
IT is the most ambitious and expensive civilian science experiment in history, using the biggest machine yet built.

Uncovering secrets for science (Vero Press Journal)
"Exploration Station" is a program co-sponsored by the Educational Foundation and the Environmental Learning Center to help Indian River County students and parents design projects for the district-wide science fair that takes place on Jan. 31.

'The Fly' Stirs New Buzz ? On The Operatic Stage (NPR)
Science fiction isn't typical source material for opera. Which is why Placido Domingo was a little surprised when The Fly landed on his desk. But David Cronenberg and Howard Shore's opera opens Sept. 7 in Los Angeles.

IF Homer Simpson had any brain cells, he would be proud. A unique experiment found that a specific, individual brain cell fires when a person watches episodes of "The Simpsons" - and goes into action once again when a person thinks about the show...

Local schools ?Experiment? with science (Guyra Argus)
Students from Guyra Central, St Mary?s, Black Mountain, Bald Blair, Wonwibinda and Ben Lomond schools gathered in Guyra last week celebrate Science Week. The children separated into groups and were able to have a bit of fun with science by making things such as sherbet, ?goo? and ice cream.

World's largest experiment to test particle physics theory underway (New Kerala)
Washington, Sep 6 : A machine that took 20 years to build could either shake the foundations of particle physics or entrench it more firmly, besides addressing some of the most fundamental questions facing science now.

The science of the LHC (BBC News)
BBC News takes a look at the principal areas of science that will be explored by the Large Hadron Collider.

Michigan integral to world's largest physics experiment (EurekAlert!)
( University of Michigan ) After 20 years of construction, a machine that could either verify or nullify the prevailing theory of particle physics is about to begin its mission.

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