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Seven Habit of Highly Effective People

Exercise may improve memory in older people (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
Regular, moderate exercise may help improve memory in older people and delay the onset of dementia, a study in Australia shows.

Poking Fun At The 'Stuff White People Like' (NPR)
In a new book based on his popular blog, Christian Lander tracks the trends and tendencies of white people, from fair-trade organic coffee to vintage T-shirts.

Libby Brooks: Older people are turning to equity release in droves (Guardian Unlimited)
Libby Brooks: Cash-poor older people are turning to equity release in droves. The risks for them are grave

Litigation ends in 1996 Palwaukee Municipal Airport crash that killed 4 people (Chicago Tribune)
Settlement means no more lawsuits can be filed in the matter Everyone involved in lawsuits stemming from the 1996 crash of a corporate jet at the former Palwaukee Municipal Airport that killed four people agreed Wednesday to stop suing each other.

After Gustav, will people heed warnings next time? (AP via Yahoo! News)
Millions fled the Gulf Coast in fear of Hurricane Gustav, billed as the apocalyptic "mother of all storms." It didn't deliver. Now, with three other storms lining up in the Atlantic, some fear people might not listen next time.

People consulted on hospice move (BBC News)
People in Sheffield will be consulted on plans to relocate the city's only hospice following a long-running debate.

People get their nutrients on diet plans-study (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
People on the Slim Fast Plan, Weight Watchers Pure Points Program and two other popular diets get enough nutrients even though they are eating less, researchers reported on Wednesday.

Statins fight stroke in older people too (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
Older people who have had a stroke or mini-stroke benefit from cholesterol-lowering statin drugs just as much as younger people do, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.

UAE says to register stateless people (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
The United Arab Emirates has set up a body to resolve the cases of thousands of stateless people by registering those without identity papers, an Interior Ministry official said in remarks published on Wednesday.

Dubai ruler to fund eye care for one million people (AFP via Yahoo! News)
The ruler of the booming Gulf emirate of Dubai announced on Wednesday he would fund the treatment of one million people risking blindness.

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