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Tornado Fuel Economy

Yes, correct tire pressure definitely saves fuel (Houston Chronicle)
Barack Obama got ribbed by John McCain when he advised drivers to fill their tires with the appropriate air pressure, but the Car Care Council, a nonprofit funded by an auto trade group, agrees. Car maintenance, the group says, can do a lot for your fuel economy.

BACK TO SCHOOL: Schools get students walking with fuel prices up, economy down (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)
PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Faced with soaring diesel fuel costs, school districts are forcing students to use the old-fashioned way to get to class: on their own two feet.

Cummins Announces Recent Technology Development Achieves Significant Fuel Economy Benefits (PollutionOnline)
Cummins Inc. announced today that it will add Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) aftertreatment to its Heavy-Duty products for 2010 to deliver the best fuel efficiency for its customers

MIKE WENDLAND: Automotive Web searches show obsession with fuel economy (Detroit Free Press)
Granted, it's not the same as sales data, but the top automotive search terms online last month are reflecting the nation's obsession with fuel economy, foreign cars and smaller engines.

Economy puts Bay Area airports in holding pattern (BizJournals)
Rising fuel costs and a stormy economy have sent Bay Area airports? infrastructure plans into a tailspin, forcing officials to slash construction budgets and shelve new runway plans.

Weak economy, fuel costs slam Postal Service (BizJournals)
The weak economy and high fuel prices led to more than $1 billion in losses for the U.S. Postal Service in its most recent quarter.

NASCAR drivers dread another Michigan fuel duel (Lexington Herald-Leader)
BROOKLYN, Mich. . NASCAR drivers got into the stock car sport for the speed. But feathering the gas pedal to save gas is a regular . and dreaded . part of their jobs. Michigan International Speedway is one of the places where fuel economy often comes into play. That's how Dale Earnhardt Jr. ended a 76-race winless string on Michigan's 2-mile oval in June, and it will probably be a ...

Could bumpy economy lead to slumping education? (USA Today)
Harder times and higher fuel prices are following kids back to school this fall. Children will study from old textbooks, walk farther to the bus stop, pay more for lunch, even wear last year's clothes. Field trips? Forget about it.

Back to school: Shaky economy hits kids (AP via Yahoo! News)
Hard times and higher fuel prices will follow kids back to school this fall.

Diesel economy formula (The Sun)
OWNERS of diesel-operated vehicles will save even more with the newly improved Shell Diesel fuel economy formula.

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