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Water Science Experiment

Math and science program offered to middle school girls (Granite City Press-Record)
Granite City residents Linda Knogl and Linda McDonnell laid the ground work for expanding the number of local, female middle school students involved in the Girls Explore, Experience and Experiment in Math and science program this week.

Experiment can illustrate how sound travels (The Ann Arbor News)
A: We hear echoes because of the way sound travels - it bounces like a rubber ball. When you yell, your vocal cords vibrate. That vibration pushes against the air molecules outside your mouth. The air molecules outside your mouth pass the vibration to the molecules next to them.

One Cool Summer School (Huron Daily Tribune)
PIGEON ?�A group of junior high students talk excitedly as they look at their computer screens, their eyes popping with amazement at what they?re witnessing. As they experiment with the new computer program, they discover a multitude of possibilities, and as they achieve each objective, they exclaim with awe, ?I did it!?

International Space Updates, August 2008 (AnandTech)
Iran wants to launch first telecom satellites into orbit; NASA ready to accept bids again for next-gen space suit; and JAXA science experiment under way aboard ISS...

Science Teachers Learn Fundamentals Of Enquiry (
Bandar Seri Begawan - The closing ceremony of the 'La Main A La Pate Workshop' (A Hands-on Science Workshop for Educators) was held at the Katok 'A' Primary School, Brunei III recently.

Army Research On Invisibility Not Science Fiction (Space War)
by Staff Writers Washington DC (SPX) Aug 26, 2008 Invisibility has long existed in the realm of imagination and fantasy, but for Army scientists and researchers studying ways to apply the latest technology to save Soldiers' lives, fantasy is slowly becoming a reality.

Cosmic Log: Final countdown for collider (MSNBC)
Science editor Alan Boyle's Weblog: CERN says the countdown to the startup of the world's biggest particle collider in two weeks is proceeding "without a hitch." Well, almost.

Wrinkle Removers, Backed by Science (The Hendersonville Times-News)
Over the past decade, researchers have been learning which treatments for wrinkles work, and why.

Students experiment with new science lab (Monmouth Daily Review Atlas)
MONMOUTH ? Their pencils were sharpened, new outfits were laid out, school bags were packed, and for some, their alarms kept buzzing. United students were back at school Monday.

Giant atom-smashing experiment could alter our understanding of the universe (The Canadian Press via Yahoo! Canada News)
VANCOUVER - Canadian scientists at the forefront of the world's largest science experiment say discoveries made by a giant atom-smasher now whirring deep under European soil could radically alter our understanding of the universe.

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