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12 x 18 solar blanket

A Baby Blanket Can Make A Memorable Baby Shower Gift

It is not always easy to think of a great gift for a baby shower but a baby blanket might just be the answer to earning yourself the "most popular gift" award at the shower. With a wide range of clever and original designs now available you can't go wrong here.

But, what could possibly be more ordinary than a baby blanket you say? Used for hundreds of years to swath a baby and to provide needed warmth, it is difficult to see anybody coming up with a fresh idea for a blanket. Well think again. Baby blankets have entered whole new heights of creativity and fun.

"Pigs in a Blanket" is just one example which combines both a clever design and a practical gift. This two-piece gift set will generate lots of "oohs" and "aahs" when the proud mother opens the beautifully decorated gift box which comprises an enchanting vintage container surmounted by an organza bow.

Inside the box she will find a plush blanket that can be embossed with a lovely phrase or simply personalized. The blanket is wrapped around an even lovelier pig in the style of a teddy bear that will soon become the baby's favorite. Made from stain-resistant polyester and with a tough construction, it could well even be passed down to the next generation of the family.

This particular gift also includes a child's story book rhyme which is designed to complement the two other items. "This Little Piggy" which is printed on the back was never so much fun and the five little piggies dancing on the front agree.

Another fun gift is the JoJo Giraffe toy which also comes with its own special blanket housed in its own keepsake box. Standing 20 inches high it will proudly occupy a spot in the corner until the baby can no longer resist the temptation to play with it... which at a guess will take about five seconds. With his arms and legs wrapped around a colorful keepsake box which is done in similar style, JoJo is quite simply a perfect gift.

The blanket that comes with the gift adds hugely to the delight that both baby and mom will get from this beautiful item. Very easily personalized with the baby's name, the sunshine yellow fleece of the blanket is both soothing and warm. Additionally, at 30 inches by 40 inches, it is a good size for a either a decorative bed cover or a baby blanket.

But baby blankets which come as standalone items can make perfect gifts. The Maddie's Meadow is a wonderful example. Colorfully decorated with flowers and butterflies on a pink background, it's extremely inviting. The gift box itself carries a matching theme with bright green grass and fluffy pink clouds which serve to remind mom of the joys of spring. Personalization is easily achieved thanks to the wide satin border surrounding the soft fleece.

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