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Airborne gravity gradiometer helicopter

Exciting World of Remote Control Helicopters

Ever since being a little kid I was interested in remote control vehicles and toys. One vehicle I always wanted was a remote control helicopter. Helicopters are truly amazing aircrafts. They can fly like an airplane plus they can do many things an airplane could only dream of, like hover. Helicopter can fly forward, backward, side to side, hover, straight up and down, and even rotate completely on their vertical axles.

When you think about all the different directions and abilities a helicopter has why would you not want one? Especially a remote controlled helicopter. Well as I found helicopters are one of the most complicated and difficult aircrafts to learn to fly. So are their remote control counter-parts. The other down side of remote control helicopters is their price. They are very complex and technological advanced aircrafts. As a result they are very expensive.

Remote control helicopters have came a long way in the last 20 years and have gotten easier to fly and easier on the wallet as well. Remote control technology in general has really improved over the years and it continues to get more affordable. There are a lot of different options for remote control helicopter now and some of them are even beginner friendly.

Micro helicopters are small usually 2-channel remote control helicopters. These are toys which everyone and every skill level can enjoy. They are not capable of all the functions of a real helicopter but they are inexpensive and very easy to fly. They are great for beginners.

A step above micro remote control helicopters are coaxial helicopters. Coaxial helicopters have two main rotors which spin in opposite directions. This eliminates the need for a tail rotor. These remote control helicopters are usually either 3 or 4 channels and are capable of all the functions of a real helicopter except 3D flight and inverted flight. The main advantage of coaxial remote control helicopter is they are more stable than helicopter with tail rotors and they are easier to fly. These are not toys so do take them seriously. They will take time to learn and can break if crashed. You can get complete ready to fly kits for less than $200.

Next up are 4-channel fixed pitch remote control helicopters. These are a step above coaxial helicopters. They are capable of everything a coaxial helicopter is and are one step closer to a full blown 6-channel 3D remote control helicopter. Now a real helicopter has what is called collective pitch on the main rotor. This means the pitch of the main rotor blades changes. This change in pitch is what allows the helicopter to move up and down. On a fixed pitch helicopter the pitch of the main rotor is fixed hints the name. A fixed pitch helicopter goes up and down by adjusting the speed at which the main rotor is rotating. Fixed pitched remote control helicopters are easier to fly because you have one less channel and control to worry about.

Last you have full blown 6-channel remote control helicopters. These remote control helicopters can do everything real life helicopters can do and much more. They can even fly inverted and do some amazing 3D maneuvers. They will take longer to learn to fly and will cost more to setup and maintain but they are definitely worth it. Take your time and do some research on these. It is well worth it.

Author George Thomas. George is a writer for Gadget Find your online resource all the latest gadgets, remote control gadgets, and other cool stuff you just can not live with out. Visit Gadget Find today. Don't reprint the same version as everyone else.






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