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Apple Laptop Computers

As the world is getting faster day by the, the necessities and demands are changing. Users now wants a fully-featured computer, which can be easily carried. Then the invention of laptop came in. Now, almost every computer manufacturer produces laptop. American multinational corporation Apple Inc. is one the successful manufacturers of laptop. Not only that, Apple is one of the front running company which is famous for its incredible products and innovative technologies.

Apple released its first laptop in the the year 1989, known as 'Macintosh Portable' . Then Apple released its first Intel chip computers, a new notebook computer known as the MacBook Pro on January 10, 2007. Now hundreds of models are available in the market, in which latest additions are highly advanced and efficient. Apple laptops have always had features that attract millions of people. Adding the colour choices just seems like a natural progression. It is an added attraction that has its consumers lining up to purchase one.

AirPort extreme 802.11n Wi-Fi enabled, ready for when the rest of the world catches up and of course backwards compatible with older wireless technology. Bluetooth 2.0+EDR is inside as well and all of this just works straight out of the box.

In a wide range of the Apple MacBook Pro is one of the most efficient laptop. With a high advanced Intel Core 2 Duo micro chip it has two 1 GB SO-DIMMs of PC2-5300 DDR2 RAM and two SO-DIMM slots which supports up to 4GB of RAM. Apart from that, it has a bulky hard disk of 250 GB and 8x slot-loading SuperDrive DVD RW drive.

The laptop has received a Silver rating from EPEAT for its excellent environment status. The majority of its circuit board laminates are free of brominsted flame retardants and its internal cables are PVC-free.

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