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Health Insurance. Women pay higher rates.

Men have always grumbled that women get lower rates when it comes to insurance. Interestingly, health insurance differs as women get to pay higher rates than men. What could possibly be the reason?
Consider the following.

It's been proven that the female of every species tend to require more health care than their male counterparts. And it does make sense for the human race for the following reasons...

1. The female gender goes through monthly circles that take a toll on them. The degree to which this affects them defers from lady to lady. However, we all know that the loss of blood is part of the whole process. Considering that this happens every month with the attendant psychological implications for some ladies, they should require more health care.

2. Pregnancy. We are NOT referring to the special care a woman needs when she's pregnant we are referring to its toll on the woman's health long after delivery. And, if you consider that a good number of women have several pregnancies in their life time, you'll see it makes sense that their bodies require more health care attention.

Now, we must understand that insurance companies, like every other business out there, are out to make a profit. Miss this important fact and you'll wonder why a lot of things are the way they are.
To this end, they have studied trends of various profiles and can comfortably project how many insureds within a profile would make a claim within a given time.

If for example, 1 out of every 1,000 insureds within a profile makes a claim of $10,000 within a year, they will still be profitable if each person in that group pays $200. This simply means that the higher the number of claims and the amount claimed per profile, the higher their rates will be.

So since women generally need to make more health insurance claims than men and therefore a higher amount, they are required by insures to pay more on their health insurance than their male counterparts.
Can women then not get lower rates? Of course they can.

Just follow the the tips listed below and you would be sure to get a lower rate.

1. Quit alcohol, smoking and the use of tobacco in any form.
Desist from dangerous games and sports.

3. Quit jobs that expose you to hazards.

4. Get in shape. Apart from the fact that you'll look better, your rates will also be more manageable.
Keep a constant exercise regime.

Try to be constantly happy. This will improve your health significantly.

Very importantly, get and compare quotes extensively before taking up a policy. you would be able to determine which is best for your situation.

Remember there are over 2,000 insurance carriers in the US alone. This means that you might have 2,000 different rates for your profile. Some will bill you more; some less.

Getting lower rates would be greatly determined by the number of quotes you get as this greatly increases your options and choice.

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