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Auto insurance guide for teenagers

Car Insurance Rates And Where You Live

The fact that a person's zip code affects his/her auto insurance rate isn't as apparent as the effect it has on their home owners' policy. But it does have a huge effect.

Getting this clear is important especially when you're about to buy or rent a new home. What you might save in buying a home in a certain location might become totally insignificant when compared with the extra you pay for an auto policy. Let's see why...

1. Your place of residence will largely determine your mileage in a number of ways. First, if your home is far from the places you frequent (but must drive to) you will accumulate a higher mileage.

Consider Who will have a more mileage: A person who lives just 2km from his/her office and another who lives 12km away (If both of them drive to work daily)?

Secondly, the area you live in will determine whether you'll have access to standard mass transit. Using the mass transit will definitely help you cut down your rate.

2. What do you think an insurer would do if police records show that your area is prone to crimes like car theft and vandalism? They'll certainly factor this in when calculating your car insurance rate.

So when next you're moving house, take some time out to calculate these other issues. The little savings you thought you made on the home might be totally wiped out by the higher auto insurance premiums you'd have incurred.

What if you're NOT about buying a new home? Thorough comparison shopping will show you insurers who factor this less than others when calculating your rate. This will you help you find cheaper rates.

To avoid wasting thousands of dollars in auto insurance premiums over many years, get and compare quotes with zip codes of neighborhoods you're interested in. The results will help you make a more informed choice.

If you want to enjoy affordable auto insurance visit: Free and easy auto insurance quotes and Affordable car insurance quotes -- No obligation. Chimpuriche Chihunrumnanya writes on insurance.






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