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Binoculars with digital camera

Amateur digital photography is chronicling many of the most important events of our time, from tornados to spectacular sunsets to baby's first steps, because a mini digital camera is affordable, easy to use and so very portable. A digital camera is actually better than a film camera. Maybe you care about scale, the ability of the camera to capture detail in the brightest highlights and darkest shadows of a scene. I think the best thing about this throw-able digital camera is that the concept make it possible to capture 360 degrees of panorama images. You can capture spontaneous and active photography, just throw the digital camera and smile.

EXILIM - Card EX-S770, this stylish EXILIM digital camera is a powerful digital camera packed with advanced functions. The attractive EX-S770 shoots 7.2-megapixel still images and records high-quality movies in MPEG-4 format. Get help isolating which digital camera is best for you (or your gift recipient) with this online quiz. The most important number to be considered when buying a digital camera is the number of pixels or megapixels it captures. Pixels translate into resolution, and a high resolution results in clear, crisp, and detailed photographs.


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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T70/B digital camera is a wonderful gadjet one should love to own. The appearence itself so stylish and very sleek and cute little camera. Still, if the longer zoom is important to you, reports indicate that the A720 IS digital camera is an outstanding performer. In this basic guide to digital camera technology we hope to try to give digital beginners at least some basis to use in deciding which digital camera is appropriate for them. When shopping for a digital camera it's at least good to know what the basic terms like white balance, pixel , ppi and dpi mean and how they affect image and print quality.

If you've never owned one, you may think a digital camera is a film camera without the film. In fact, it's a very different machine—more like an extension of your computer —that industrial designers have given a familiar skin. Although camera phones are fun and everyone loves sending images instantly to friends, if you want decent snapshots (4x6 or larger) a digital camera is the only way to go. And with prices dropping nearly every day, it’s time to take the plunge. As opposed to this, the simple logic of a digital camera is that it directly takes photographs in electronic format. So these images, in the end, are just a collection of 1's and 0's, which we call pixels .

Increasing the ISO on your digital camera is like turning up the volume on your radio. By amplifying the signal suddenly every pop and crackle can be heard. A digital camera is similar in nature to a Polaroid camera in which the picture is instantly available for viewing and use by the photographer. The digital camera is however different from the scanner, as its working speed far more than the scanner, and also it is far more economic.

The Samsung TL9 digital camera is a small point-and-shoot with 10-megapixels of resolution. All pretty common stuff.






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