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Tips For Installing Surround Sound

Without surround sound, a home theater is seriously lacking. If you want that authentic movie theater feel, you need to consider installing surround sound. The depth and richness of surround sound will blow your regular old speakers out of the water. It will allow you to get lost in a movie like never before.

With the inclusion of a digital media port the good surround speakers will be more versatile in respect of adaptability and functions. With this digital media port you can play music from your ipod, your computer or any Bluetooth device and take the audio on those devices as well. This will also make extraordinary tone and range that the speakers will produce.

You want to make sure you go for quality when choosing surround sound speakers. To get a good surround sound you will need at least 5 speakers. Normally the systems have 3 to5 wall mountable speakers and a subwoofer. The wall speakers give a wide sound field, a good resounding sound and so the more they are in number ,the better will be the sound. Two front speakers, a center speaker, and two rear speakers and a subwoofer will complete the enthralling experience you wish to get .

For installing surround sound systems you have to run wires across the room, which can be a pain. Since some speakers have to be in the back ,it will require going under the seating or along the wall. One way is to drill holes in the floor and run the wires from the basement (assuming your home theater is on the first floor!. The whole messy wire business can be cut out if you go with wireless.

There are additional specifics you may want to look for. For example, if you want to put your center speaker close to the television, buy one that is magnetically shielded; otherwise you run the risk of distorting your image. (Make sure you know before you buy if this is the way you want to arrange your solution.) The subwoofer you buy also needs to have its own power supply.

Another important point to remember is that you should get a good receiver. Buy the one with the highest wattage you can afford and check that it has at minimum a 4 channel Dolby pro logic decoder. To get most realistic ,crisp sound, look for Auto Calibration and digital cinema sound. The better receivers will have separate controls for movies and music and the connections for head phone speakers and other options will be easy to get to.So making a choice will not be difficult and the ordinary oned can be easily eliminated.

Installing surround sound can be tricky and time consuming, so to save time and stress consider hiring a pro. The important part isn't installation but selecting the right components for your system, anyway.

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