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Canon Prosumer Camcorders

Prosumers are hobbyists and nonspecialists who buy inexpensive and easy-to-use products that include some pro-level features. A company can tap into this growth area by simply repurposing the technology from its regular line into a product with mass appeal. Read more about prosumers at because 123helpme will easily and affordably explain what it means. Often this phenomenon is also called "second line" (a fashion term), so people who don't have enough money for more modern/better equipment can buy and use something more or less functionally similar. Prosumers are defined as that 20-30 percent of consumers who influence how quickly trends spread (velocity), how completely trends spread (density), and how trends may mutate. Prosumers make and break markets, in every category, in every industry, and in virtually every part of the world. Prosumers are building wikis the size of vast encyclopedia. They are creating virtual stores and video games inside a virtual landscape on Second Life.

Prosumers are making identity into the explicit theme of their publications. A famous recent example is Geriatric1927 (2006) who posted a video about himself to YouTube , a networked video sharing website. Prosumers are generally consumers that are closer to the professional user type than the consumer user type. These users tend to do professional level work but don't really need the cutting edge systems that a professional demands. Prosumers are now a part of the overall technology development process, providing feedback to manufacturers regarding the design of products and services from a customer perspective (5) .

Prosumers are not passive members of the market to dump consumer goods upon, but aim to be part of the process. The prosumer idea is of mass customisation, in which everybody is in effect a member of a niche market, something Internet e-commerce is encouraging through cutting out the middleman between maker and buyer. Prosumers are not exactly a new concept, with origins of the term stretching back to Horace Mann and his speech On Education and the National Welfare (I am indebted to Fred Wilson for this citation). Alvin Toffler created the term prosumer in his excellent book, The Third Wave, where he speaks about the merger between the concepts of a consumer and a producer. Prosumers are commonly defined as those who both produce and use digital content. She also emphasized the need for successful companies purchasing eContent to find innovative ways to integrate emerging technologies with the social philosophy of Web 2.0, which embraces online participation and collaboration.

Prosumers are a special group of customers - they are more knowledgeable in a given category, they love new products, they search for the best value products and they are very demanding. But most of all, Prosumers love sharing their knowledge and their opinions with everyone who cares to listen, adds the release. Prosumers are a special group of customers who are more knowledgeable in a given category. Prosumers are now common in many fields that were once the sole province of professionals. One of the areas where the prosumer has gained a high degree of visibility is in the home improvement industry.

Prosumers are passionate about the technology they use for their creative pursuits. Cyril Mazansky, when asked about his equipment. Prosumers are essentially highly skilled persons whose real income has been declining since as early as 1990. They are confused and depressed by their acceptance of the North American myth of capitalism: more experienced, more productive, and harder working persons lead better lifestyles and make more money. Prosumers are important because they both reflect and shape markets. Being highly communicative, they pick up what others are thinking and reflect it through the lens of their own experiences.

Prosumers are very messy. They mess with your brand.






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