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Submitting A Car Insurance Claim For The Uninitiated

If you've never before submitted a car insurance claim, consider yourself very lucky! Unfortunately, for most drivers, the day will come when you find yourself in a jam, literally, and you have to deal with the insurance company. The following presents a step-by-step guide for dealing with this unfortunate situation.

To back up a step, there is one essential step you must take before you ever get to the point of submitting a car insurance claim. Itas of key importance to first get a cheap car insurance quote and to buy the insurance policy (preferably a cheap car insurance policy).

Policy in hand you start on your adventure to your next destination. Your Insurance is in your glove compartment and you are feeling pretty good about all of the money you are saving. Thinking about how much money you are saving and why, you choose to drive carefully.

aScreech! Crash! *and%^!a Letas assume that the accident was not your fault, you were driving cautiously along, minding your own business, when out of nowhere, another car slammed into you. Thankfully, no oneas hurt. Call the police. Not everyone agrees that this is necessary, but Iave found that the insurance companyas are much easier to deal with when you have a police report in hand that says the accident wasnat your fault.

In case the accident WAS you fault, say you were changing lanes while fiddling with the radio and discussing the familyas Thanksgiving seating chart with cousin Betsy on your cell phone (aNo way! You absolutely canat sit Tom next to Rod, are you out of your mind?!a), you can probably skip that step. Itas likely the other driver will be more than happy to get the police involved.

Once the police are on the scene, follow their lead. If one or both of the cars need to be towed or moved out of the roadway, the cops will help you figure things out. Provide the police officers with whatever information they require, which is likely to include a look at your driveras license and proof of insurance.

So after what seems like forever you are released to go home. Truthfully you probably donat want to talk to anyone else at this point but trust me, this needs to get done immediately. Drag out your policy and make the call. Pop some popcorn and grab a drink because this might take a while. Be sure to have a pen and paper ready.

A customer service representative will ask you pretty much all of the same questions the police officer did. Be sure to answer them honestly but carefully. They will probably ask for a copy of the police report which will take a week or two to get. They will be able to help you through the whole process, and explain again the ins and outs of your policy. If you need help finding and adjuster to assess the damage or find a body shop for repairs they should be able to help you with that as well. Now you can sit back and relax, because you have made it through your first claim and are back on the road with a little more knowledge than before.

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