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Have A Dynamic Long-Term Memory

DYNAMIC SPEED READING becomes a part of long-term memory. We believe this is caused by intense concentration. Intense concentration causes the altering of states of consciousness which, in turn, accesses long-term memory.

Another factor is photographic or tape recorder memories where you see pictures or hear conversations. You really can remember everything you have ever seen or heard, even if you weren't focused. Your brain/mind, works like a camera, an audio recording device, and a computer, storing all memories and computer data.

When you start to learn BE DYNAMIC THROUGH SPEED READING methods and techniques, you'll notice some repetition! It is techniques repeated over and over, with visualization and various other brain/mind that will help you achieve the targets you want and be the best you possible.

All of this will make you a better student, employee, communicator, and decision maker in your life. And only one of your benefits will be that you will cut reading time on reports, memos, correspondence, newspapers, novels, non-fiction, magazine, etc. You will save time, and the saying goes ..."time is money".

Writers get paid by the word in articles and by % of gross sales (royalties) in book publishing; usually the thicker the book the higher the price and the higher the royalty. Writers are unnecessarily verbose. What this means is there are many words within sentences that are just there as fillers. What you have to learn to do, through the Be Dynamic Through Speed Reading program, is to only read the words that are essential. You will learn how to do this through Be Dynamic. For example, take a look at this paragraph:
If you are a slow reader it is because you read word by word and you say every word to yourself, Instead what you need to do is use your hand as a pacer.

Now search for the important words ... like those in capital letters:
If YOU are a SLOW READER it is BECAUSE YOU READ word BY WORD and you SAY EVERY WORD TO yourSELF. Instead what you need to do is USE YOUR HAND AS a PACER. T

When you look at those words,, you'll notice the words in ALL CAPS; these are the ONLY WORDS YOU MUST READ to get the meaning of the paragraph.The ones I typed in regular type are just fillers. What you need to be reading is this:

"You slow reader because you read by word say every word to self. Use your hand as pacer."
Wow, it reminds me of the old Tonto of the Lone Ranger Saturday AM TV show. But, you can get what it means and you can easily get rid of those filler words.

Dr. Jay Polmar, founder of, was the instructor classes in colleges and universities for 16 years. Be Dynamic Through Speed Reading program is the his 7.5 hour course recreated so you can learn these valuable tools yourself at home or in the dorm through reading faster, listening to the audio mp3 files, and using the software, you'll be a top student who gets the most out of your reading experience.

Be Dynamic through Speed Reading, will make you a straight A studentBe Dynamic through Speed Reading






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