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Career Counseling Case Study

Career counseling is a common supervisory activity. In addition to job knowledge and skills, employees need to be punctual, diligent, responsible, and receptive to supervision. Career counseling is not merely for those who are seeking a job, but rather it is for those who want to have a hand in planning their professional lives. The demand for such counselors is constantly expanding as more and more executives decide that they want more out of their careers than just a paycheck. Career counseling is available to help you with any career related concern you may have. Individual appointments are available for career planning, major selection, job search assistance and more.

Career counseling is really a life-long process a combination of task work, team work, personal marketing, and promotion. Former clients tell us that what they have learned in the career counseling process will stay with them always. Career Counseling is the process of self-exploration combined with looking into the world of work. I look at career counseling as a holistic process as your life issues are also a big part of your work issues. Career Counseling is a process of evaluating possible career choices using assessments and observations. We want to help you find the best career fit for you based on your skills, interests, and values.

Career counseling is available to the community as well as students. There is no charge for services. Career counseling is a process in which a knowledgeable and objective counselor helps an individual identify and understand his/her career issues and provides the necessary tools and support which can lead to good vocational decisions. Psychological inventories, computer guidance programs, as well as books, kits, and workshops are useful, but it is an expert counselor who helps assemble this information in order to come to workable solutions about students' career paths. Career counseling is generally conducted by persons who have been trained to identify personal and academic traits in people and guide them suitably. Each person has his own individual personality, which can be best suited for certain types of professions.

Career counseling is one avenue towards exploring these issues, clarifying career goals, developing plans and taking action towards change. Career counseling is available to assist alumni in identifying their values, interests, skills, needs and goals. Alumni are encouraged to schedule appointments to discuss career options; r鳵m頡nd cover letter writing; interviewing techniques; job search strategies; graduate or professional school opportunities; internships; summer jobs; and networking. Career Counseling is designed to encourage individuals to explore and gather information which enables them to synthesize, gain competencies, make decisions, set goals, and take actions.

Career counseling is one of the key responsibilities for the associate and assistant dean of students. They coordinate counseling opportunities and serve as the point of contact for students. Career Counseling is a structured way to explore careers that fit your unique personality and interests. It will help you explore options that you may not have thought about before and give you a path to follow. Career counseling is a confidential and supportive process through which you and your counselor work together to explore career options and make career decisions. You will work at your own pace, on the parts of the career planning process appropriate to your needs.






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