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What History Tells Us About Karaoke Music

So karaoke songs are just like any other songs right? Well yes and no. They have the same tunes but they are not by the same artists. Karaoke music is never performed by the same artists that prepared it for the vocalists. That's why you will notice a big difference in the same music being offered by different Karaoke disc jockeys. It all depends on which label they buy.

You can find almost every type of karaoke song that you could possibly want. It has become just as popular as our standard forms of cds, and DVDs. Again you will find that you probably will form certain preferences to the labels. You can find karaoke songs that will have the vocalist that you can sing along with, or just the background music or even both.

There are always favorite by the majorities. In 2007 it was "I will survive" Gloria Gaynor lyrics, second in the running is "I got you babe" cher lyrics, then the third is "Sweet Caroline" Neil Diamond lyrics. These are pretty interesting choices being as they are not heavy rock or pop, and they have been around for years. Last on a list of about 50 is "we built this city".

Karaoke songs are gaining a lot of popularity among the Christian sector. it's a wonderful way for a church soloist to practice his/her music. It provides great background music for choirs that haven't a music system. Its even perfect for the church audience to sing along with.

These songs can also be beneficial for children to practice their speech with. More often than not children find it easier to sing then to talk, and by getting them to sing it may help them with their pronunciation.
In 2007 there was a general concessions of what was the worst songs. Starting at the bottom of the list. The 10th on this list was "Friends In Low Places" Lyrics by Garth Brooks. The general idea of this one was to get everyone listening to join in and sing with you. Fifth place was "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mixalot. Then finally the grand winner of the worst song for 2007 is awarded to "Love Shack" by B-52s. So as one can see there are the same trends, and ups and downs in karaoke songs just like the regular songs.

Then there's the most over done ones. Songs that everybody wants to do and feels most comfortable with. "Crazy" By Patsy Kline, is a well loved song. Probably that's why this one is such a popular one. "Delta Dawn" by Tanya Tucker. This one is one that almost everyone has heard, and it often the first one that comes to mind when going over the charts to choose from." Summer Nights" by John Travola and Olivia Newton John is dubbed as probably being one of the most popular duets every sung.

There are many factors that people consider when they are picking the song they want to sing at a Karaoke and often is not based on whether they have the voice for that song. Its usually based on, because they just like that song the best, it sounds like its going to be the easiest to sing, or they like the artist.

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