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LCD Monitors- Five Reasons To Upgrade Now

When I got my first computer back in the 80's, things were a lot different. Small 12" black and white monitors were the norm. And the CRT(Cathode-Ray Tube) Monitor became the norm. Boy how times have changed the look of computers.

If you still have a bulky monitor connected to your computer, now may be the time to upgrade to an LCD monitor. The new models of LCD monitors take up less space, with a larger display and seem to be getting cheaper by the day.

First off, they have a much smaller footprint than your normal monitor. What that means is it takes up much less space on your desk. It's not nearly as bulky.

Second, they are cheaper now than ever before. Just this past weekend I saw a special for a behemoth of a monitor, 22" for $189. Gone are the days when LCD monitors were double to triple the price of a normal monitor.

Third, it's possible to get even larger LCD monitors. Most people never went larger than a 17" CRT monitor, because any larger and they got really huge and bulky. But today, it's not hard to find a reasonably priced 22" monitor and above. So, you can either have your graphics much larger and easier to read, or you can fit more on your screen. Either way you win.

Fourth, the quality is there like never before. 10 years ago when LCD monitors first started coming out, they were slower than normal monitors. The monitor would get really blurry during movies, or any graphic intensive action. Now, they have much faster response times and the quality of the picture is much better than it ever has been before.

Fifth, many newer computers and newer graphic cards assume you're using an LCD, hence they only have a monitor connection port which connects to an LCD. In this way normal monitors are being phased out, slowly but surely.

Because of these five reasons it makes more sense than ever to upgrade to an LCD monitor. Keep an eye on the Sunday specials in the paper, as often you can find discounts of 20-30% on select models. By upgrading to an LCD monitor you have the opportunity to step into the new era of computer displays.

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