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Cosmological constant and dark energy

Alternative Energy - Reference

Alternative energy is everywhere around us and it's possible to use it in many different ways. Solar power which is driven by photovoltaic cells is just one of these alternative energy sources that are increasingly becoming more advanced and less expensive. Solar energy power can be used for electricity, heating, and making hot water plus solar energy produces no pollution, as its input comes completely from the sun's rays. Although there is still a great deal of work to be done to make this an economically viable solution for the long term. There are still some restrictions with regards to the resource being used especially during the evening and on stormy days and storage batteries are the indispensable backups that can be used.

As of the moment, the most-invested-in alternative energy source favoured by many private investors as well as the government is the wind energy. Using the wind's kinetic energy once its motion have been captured can greatly contribute to conversion of mechanical or electrical energy and this can be done through the development of "wind farms" which is the placement of great arrays of triple-bladed windmills all over the place.

Of course today's windmills are much larger than their predecessors and much more advanced. Just like any other methods, using the wind energy has its own hitch such as having to worry what to utilize if ever the days are calm and still. When the wind doesn't blow we have other power stations that can make up the energy deficit so we cannot, at present use wind farms as a primary source of power.

Hydroelectric energy is available as a source of alternative energy, and it can generate a substantial amount of power. To generate electrical energy, turbines are turned by the downhill motion of water which its flow in response to gravity and that's something essential that hydroelectric energy uses. Water is the driving source to power up hydroelectric turbines and since it is readily available everywhere, there couldn't be much of a problem using it. Even though the exploitation of hydroelectricity as a source of alternative energy can be beneficial and has a lot of sources, producing it may still hold back its implementation due to some complex and high-priced procedures.

Dams are often built in order to be able to control the flow of the water sufficiently to generate the needed power. There's always a risk and hard work involved in building a dam to store and control water's potential and kinetic energy and the complication of its operation is another factor that contributes to the growing concerns of the conservationists. If you are not in the need to supply the electrical needs of a city or an area with huge population, then building a dam for it is not that necessary. There are a number of run-of-river, hydroelectric converters available which can easily service smaller communities without much environmental impact.

Geothermal energy which is simply the naturally-occurring energy is also in all probability the most underestimated and less appreciated form of alternative energy that can be generated when artesian waters just below the earth's crust are heated. Water below the earth's surface is heated by the incredible temperatures at the planets core.

The whole process is designed to utilise the steam that is produced once the superheated water reaches the surface. The Geysers is an example of a dry stream plant located in the region of about 100 miles north of San Francisco and perhaps the best-known of all geothermal power fields.

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