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How to Start Your Own Website in 5 Steps

You may be at the point where you want to begin your own website. If so, here's a list of what you should do.

First, purchase a domain name. Please, before you do this, follow these simple rules to find a suitable name:
End with a .com.

A domain name that is easy to spell.

Easily understood when spoken over the phone or in person.

Free of numeric characters and dashes.

The domain name should be catchy, easy to remember.

Accurately describes what you offer for sale.

Now here are a few exceptions. If you are starting a personal blog (and by personal, it may be business oriented but it belongs to you), then it's perfectly acceptable to use your name even if it's not easy to spell.

Another possible exception is the last criteria I listed. The best case is to have a domain name which is descriptive, but there are many sites where this is not the case. The best example is Google! (You would think a better name would have been "".) Give some thought to your target audience and what makes sense to them.

Next, select a web host to host your web pages.

The third step is to setup your website. You will need to make a decision fairly quickly what format will be suit your needs.

The fourth step is to put up content on your site. If you selected a blog format for your site, you will be pleased at how simple this step is.

The fifth step is to arrange a plan for promoting your website. After going to all the work of setting up your site, you want to make sure that as many people know about it as possible. How will you make this happen? Some possible methods include writing articles, making videos, writing press releases, posting on forums, and posting on blogs.

Having your own website might seem intimidating at first, but it is one of the most beneficial means at your disposal for promoting your business.

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