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Dc to ac usb power inverter

Power Inverters are becoming more and more important to the average user. Our Power Inverter products are used for a variety of applications. These power inverters are especially popular with campers, and can safely provide electricity provided the engine runs frequently enough to prevent battery drain. Modified sine wave power inverters are portable, lightweight, and low in cost. They should be considered if the device being powered can handle voltage fluctuations.

Sima Titanium Plus Series power inverters are equipped with low battery alarms and shutdowns to protect your battery from complete discharge. Automatic thermal protection prevents overheating from overloads or inadequate ventilation. Power inverters are small rectangular devices that have a trailing wire with a jack that plugs directly into the cigarette lighter on the dashboard. They might also come with jumper-like cables for connecting directly to a battery. Our power inverters are designed fro powering portable TV's, VCR's, DVD players, notebook PC's, Camcorders, Digtial Cameras, Cell phones, rechargeable power tools and much more.


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Cordless drill features reversible motor, adjustable torque settings, 6V lead acid battery, built-in bubble level, 22 pieces. Made in the USA jacobs keyless chuck. Talkswitch phone systems have a HUGE list of features. Other added features, including night time disconnect for reduced tare losses and a ?soft start? circuit to eliminate nuisance faults, contribute to squeezing out the highest yield from a system day after day for years to come.

All TiVo DVRs require activation and a paid subscription to TiVo service in order receive TV programming information and to utilize all features. The GFCI feature protects the user from electrical shocks and the potential risk of a fire. Each inverter comes equipped with a 3 ft power cord and low battery alarm with an auto-shutoff feature to preserve your vehicle's battery. Since the rugged all-metal casing is so lightweight, these inverters are easy to carry along with wherever you go.

Additionally, all the models feature a convenient USB port for charging cell phones, MP3 players, and digital cameras. The later is most notable feature although it may not be clear why it is required. When a large motor starts it usually consumes up to 5 or 10 times it's rated current. Despite what that Cadillac commercial featuring the chick from Grey's Anatomy says, excessive cup holders can be useful in many circumstances. That's why Targus has released a product to make better use of the cup holder .

Control panel features side-mounted power outlets for easy accessibility. Safety features include short circuit protection, fault leakage protection and under/over voltage alarm to ensure safe operation. With prices ranging from less than $40 to well into the thousands, it can be difficult to know what features are important and how to choose a unit appropriate to your needs. While wattage, features, and connections are obvious considerations, your final choice should take into account the inverter's wave form output. The Model PV600 provides good safety features to ensure that your mobile gear will be safe while charging or when in use. A low battery alarm will advise you of low voltage and the inverter will shut down, so no harm can be done to your mobile gear.






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