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Difference in trumpet mouthpieces

A Guide To Musical Instruments

Music has its origins way back in time, and some instruments of today can be traced to that. Anything that produces a sound for musical purpose, is known as a musical instrument. There are a variety of instruments available today that produce all sorts of sounds.

All these music instruments has their own qualities, sounds, melody, rhythm, pitch, loudness, notes, chords and much more. Depending on these qualities and the sound they produce instruments are divided into different categories.

Instruments that create their sound through the use of a column of air, are known as wind instruments. The wave frequency generated, depends on how long the column of air length is. It also depends on the shape of the instrument.

Clarinets, flutes, horns, and saxophones, are some examples of modern day wind instruments. These instruments are even sub-categorized into brass and woodwind categories.

Drums, timpanis, gongs, and bells, are common percussion instruments. These instruments vary wildly in their shape and sound. The sound produced is also determined by the make of the instrument.

The strings are another group of musical instruments. They include cellos, violins, violas, etc... The sound produced by these instruments is made when a vibration is produced; typically by the musician running a wood bow over the string itself.

There are many modern string instruments available for you to play with if you so choose. The mandolin, banjo, and guitar are even included in this group.

Another category is keyboard instruments that produce music using musical keyboard. All the keys produce different sounds furthermore most of the keyboards instruments have extra features that allows manipulation of these sounds. These instruments can produce sound by wind, strings vibration, electronic means and many other ways.

Electronic instruments are those that produce sound using electrical means. They imitate other instruments in designs in particular the keyboards.

Typically brass instruments will include that of horn, trumpet, trombone, and tuba. These instruments are used in orchestras and their sound is produced when the player blows air into the chamber.

All musical instruments are categorized by their sound and make. While some of these are suitable for newbies to learn music on, the best instruments to start with are the piano and guitar.

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