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Case managers are clinically trained professionals with caseloads of only 10. Staff assist participants in obtaining medication, housing and other services, including day treatment, psychosocial clubhouse, vocational training and job placement. Cases heard by the Courts of Military Review may be appealed to the USCAAF; any appeals from that court are heard by the U.S. The Military Court of Inquiry is a court of special and limited jurisdiction, convened to investigate specific matters and advise whether further proceedings should be pursued. Cases are heard either by three lay magistrates or one District judge. The lay magistrates, or 'Justices of the Peace', as they are also known, are local people who volunteer their services.

Judge Mundell has provided no compelling reason why separate courts are necessary. Spanish-speaking DUI defendants are already provided interpreters throughout all aspects of the court system. Judges and Court Service managers and CJIT managers have driven this massive programme forward successfully so far as partners in a major enterprise. The time has now come to spread this partnership concept more widely. Judges are removed from cases because of their real or perceived political beliefs. Nominees to the bench are judged on their politics rather than their judicial temperament or constitutional acumen.

Judge Hall, in the concurrence, strongly argued that sufficient creativity was involved.


Judicial activism is the practice of judges legislating from the bench, by interpreting law in a manner that creates an outcome to fit their political views. But judicial activism is more than this. Judicial proceedings might well be informative, but could not be binding on the legislative branch.


Drug courts are about offenders confronting their addiction and being willing to do something about it. The diversionary models have been predicated on a guilty plea and can operate at both the pre-sentence and the post-sentence stage. Drug Courts are treatment-based alternatives to prison, youth services facilities and detention centers, jails, and standard probation models. The criminal justice system works cooperatively with treatment and other systems to provide an offender with all the possible tools necessary to get into recovery, stay in recovery, and lead a productive, crime-free life.


Within limits set by Congress and the Constitution, the district courts have jurisdiction to hear nearly all categories of federal cases, including both civil and criminal matters. There are 94 federal judicial districts, including at least one district in each state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. With this principle in mind, it is extremely problematic that the findings of the trial judge were overturned by the appeal court in such a fashion. The trial judge had the benefit of observing Mr. Witnesses are summoned to court by a document called a subpoena , a court order directing the person to appear on a specified date. A witness' willful failure to comply with a subpoena may be punished as contempt of court, which could result in his or her arrest.






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