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Dual core meter for xp

How to keep Windows XP after June 30

They did it with 95, NT, 98, ME, and now it's the turn of XP, the great switch off. As of 30th June 2008, Microsoft is to stop supplying and offering support for Windows XP.

I am sure the news could not come at a better time, after all we have been through a lot together with Windows XP. The average computer user has spent over 8000 hours using Windows XP and is the system most used to the connect us to the Internet.

So if you're not ready to make the switch to the world of slick graphics and smooth animation that is Windows Vista what are you going to do after the cut-off?

Tech Support For Your XP Problems

Don't worry, there will be some support from Microsoft until at least 2014 for numerous technical issues with XP that users experience everyday. This will add another six years to XP's life but extensive support may be lacking

You may want to purchase a premium tech support service to get around this problem or purchase software to keep your registry in tact. Or you can search on tech forums as there is a good chance if you have a problem that other users will also have the same problem far easier than asking Microsoft for support

Acquiring XP on New PC

It will still be possible to purchase a PC with XP installed after the deadline despite Microsoft categorically stating that this will not be possible after the cut-off date.

Retailer and PC manufacturers that have acquired unused XP licenses before the cut-off date will still be allowed to sell the operating system on new PCs.

Juggling Operating Systems

Downgrade rights are the second way for you to get your hands on a new computer with XP. If a manufacturer has downgrade rights from Microsoft, they'll be able to sell you a PC that started on Vista, but which they downgraded to XP before they sold it to you.

If this is the case, you'll be supplied with the discs for XP and it's drivers, as well as the same discs for Vista, so you can re-upgrade at a later date if you decide to. Dell have confirmed that they will make this option open to customers, but it only lasts out until January 31st next year.

'Limited Hardware Capabilities'

Another way that you can get your hands on XP is by purchasing a PC that has 'limited hardware capabilities,' a term Microsoft has coined for machines that cannot handle Vista. These are basic machines that do not have the processing power, laptops such as the Asus EEE for example, that run slow processors and have limited RAM. However, this is only until June 2010.

Not the End of the Road for XP

XP still has some shelf life yet. There are still legal ways to purchase XP at least until June 2010, which is likely to be extended. Support for XP will be until 2014, allowing us enough time to get used to another operating, probably Vista's successor. Long Live XP!

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