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Environmental impacts of nanotechnology in fuel cells

Nanotechnology and Professional Hair Care Products

The term nanotechnology embraces many different fields and specialties, including engineering, chemistry, electronics, and medicine, among others, but all are concerned with bringing existing technologies down to a very small scale, measured in nanometers. Nanotechnology is the science and technology of precisely manipulating the structure of matter at the molecular level.

Up until recently, most industrial products are created by pushing piles of millions of atoms together-by mixing, grinding, heating-a very imprecise process. With the ability to manipulate molecules that measure a mere billionth of a meter, the options are unlimited. With the advances in nanotechnology, scientists can now pick up individual atoms to assemble them into simple structures or cause specific chemical reactions. (The prefix nano- comes from the Greek word nanos, which meant "little old man" or "dwarf.") Nanotubes made of carbon are being investigated for a variety of industrial and research purposes. Propellers have been attached to molecular motors, and electricity has been conducted through nanowires.

The development of nanotechnology holds out great promise of improvements in the quality of life, including new treatments for disease and greater efficiency in computer data storage and processing. In the future, nanotechnology may be able to harness the forces that operate at the scale of the nanometer, such as the van der Waals force, as well as changes in the quantum states of particles, for new engineering purposes.

As in the cult film of the 70's Fantastic Voyage, we may be able one day to infuse autonomous robots, or nanobots, into human bodies to repair cells and cure cancers, perhaps even extending the human life span by many years. Of course, we are still far away from these realities, but these technologies are the key to their development.

Emphasizing the need for caution in its development, some scientists see a dark side to this technology. Consider the attempt to create nanobots that can replicate themselves like living organisms.

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Technologically, the hair and salon industry is not wasting any time bring this phenomenon to the fore.

To date, professional hair care products have been relegated to perform on a topical level. Historically, shampoos and conditioners have been limited in their ability to penetrate the hair shaft, and have done their duty outside the perm and color chemical processes for which they are designed.

Professional hair care products have always relied on the process of opening up the hair shaft chemically, facilitating the color or perm process, then "neutralizing" or stopping the chemical process thus halting the action.

The chemical process has always had the downside of "blossoming the hair shaft - causing what we see as frizz. Conditioners, smoothing products, and moisturizers help to smooth the cuticle layer, but never fully return it to it's previous pre-chemical lustre.

As the world of professional hair care products evolves, we will see nanotechnology play an ever increasing role. Minimizing chemical damage while maximizing health and shine.

I really can't imagine any manufacturer of professional hair care products not embracing this technology in the near future. Molecules that measure a mere billionth of a meter will result in products that are infinitely more capable of doing the job intended.

Currently, I believe Pureology Nanoworks is the industry leader in this class. It's Nanoworks Shampoo and Conditioner, along with it's NanoGlaze, Nanoworks Restorative Treatment, Nanoworks ShineLuxe, and NanoWax, Pureology has set the bar very high and others are sure to follow.

Though these products are by far our most luxurious and expensive, we find at that the premium price does not deter our customers at all. Overwhelming positive feedback and excellent results are all we hear in return for the premium price.

Nanotechnology will undoubtedly bring better and broader lines. The marketplace will fill every niche we could possibly imagine as the world of professional hair care products moves from the world of pH balanced formulations that we all came to know and love from the likes of Vidal Sassoon and Jhirmack to products we can't even imagine as yet.

Before you buy nanotechnology hair care products online, make sure and check out this outstanding free report on Nanotechnology and professional hair care products, and Professional hair care products and the growth of Nanotechnology in the industry.






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