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Fertilizer with seaweed and fish

What You Should Know About Organic Fertilizers

Are you thinking of going organic? Going organic is the way to go to protect yourself from harsh chemicals, to help the environment, and make a wonderland out of your backyard. But choosing the right organic fertilizer can be a real headache, especially for those who have just decided to take up organic gardening as a hobby. After reading this article, you will help be able to decide on what type of organic fertilizer you might want to use for your plants, whether vegetables or flowers.

Animal fertilizer is organic fertilizer which made of cattle and poultry wastes fermentation. Cattle waste can be from mammals such as cows, goats, bulls. Poultry waste can be from ducks, birds, chicken. As these wastes are fermented, therefore the physical looks are turned darker colour and the texture become crumbs. Ingredients of both cattle and poultry wastes are different, they depend on type of animal, age, animal condition, animal foods and storing waste process before application.

Compost is organic fertilizer which came from plants corrosion such as leaves, grass, straws and coarse grass. There are two kinds of compost, Compost and Fermented Compost'. Compost is corroded naturally, while Fermented Compost is corroded by human touch through crumbs microbe. Compost normally takes times up to three months and even a year, depend on the texture. If hard texture, such as coarse grass, it needs more than a year of the corrosion. While soft texture like leaves it only needs about three months.

Plants need three important nutrients in order to grow: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. All three of these are found in organic fertilizers. One organic material - manure, for example, does not have all three of these nutrients, however. Therefore, most organic fertilizer suppliers combine and mix different materials to ensure an appropriate mix. Alfalfa meal is a green manure favored by gardeners who grow roses. It is a good source of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, and it also contains Triacontanol. This is a hormone that helps to regulate the growth of your plants.

Blood meal is another good organic fertilizer. It is an excellent source of readily available organic nitrogen. Bone meal is a good source of calcium and long-lasting phosphorous. These two materials can be blended together for better results. Kelp meal has a high potassium content, but it has no phosphorous. This organic fertilizer must be used together with bone meal to make up for its lack of phosphorous.

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