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Flash memory sales forecast

Comparison Of A Solid State Hard Drive With A Standard Hard Drive

A solid state hard drive is a computer storage drive which uses memory chips (which have no moving parts ), as compared to a mechanical hard drive which uses a spinning magnetic disk. This article will talk about the kind of solid state hard drive which uses non-volatile flash memory.

Currently, most computers don't use SSD's (solid state hard drives), but these types of computers are starting to appear.

They are most commonly found in so-called rugged laptops which were designed to be used in a variety of different environments and can function even in extreme weather conditions.

Conventional drives are based on a revolving disc, which, because of it's mechanical nature, could be more easily damaged than an SSD, and data corrupted or lost.

Why Choose Solid State Hard Drives?

* Noise Free - As a result of not having mechanical parts, there is nothing to make noise. This is perfect for people who is easily disturbed by sounds, when concentrating on work.

* More immunity from vibration and shock - When notebook computers are jostled and constantly moved, this is problematic for conventional hard drives. SSD's are less prone to this problem.

* Speed - For random memory access operations, SSD's are much faster than their mechanical counterparts because there is no moving head which has to move to the correct position. However, when large amounts of data are read sequentially, the two are more on a par with each other. Generally, computers with solid state drives can boot faster and load applications faster than their mechanical counterparts.

* Less vulnerable to wide temperature variations - Computers generally operate best when they are in locations that fall within specific temperature bounds. When it gets too hot, computers are susceptible to overheating and can become inoperable. SSD's can keep working well even in more extreme temperature conditions.

* Lighter - Computers using solid state hard drives generally weigh less than computers with standard hard drives, and are thus less burdensome to carry around. This means the computer will run longer before the battery runs down.

Before you decide on a solid state hard drive, you should keep in mind that they are usually more expensive. The price difference per unit of memory is usually quite significant. However, as the technology improves, the cost of these devices is likely to keep dropping significantly.

One more thing to consider is the limited life of SSD's. Even if they are not vulnerable to the type of deterioration that can wear down a standard hard drive, they cannot be written to forever. As a result, just as hard drives with moving parts, they can finally wear out.

For many purposes, a computer using a solid state hard drive is a good choice, particularly since the prices are going down, and the SSD memory sizes are regularly getting larger.

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