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Flood Light With Wireless Spy Cameras

Mini spy cameras are very useful if you want to find out whether you can entrust your child to a nanny - as a rule, just a strange person for you. Such cameras are very easy to install in toys, clocks, mirrors. The Surveillance Studies Network report has revealed that 20 per cent of the world's spy cameras are in Britain. Up to 4.2 million CCTV cameras are in operation, about one for every 14 people. The uses for hidden wireless spy cameras are endless (please always obey local laws!).

Spy cameras are also known as miniature cameras and can be so small that they can be attached to a person’s clothes, ceiling, steering wheel without the person ever finding out. Spider-Eye has a wide variety of spy cameras that you can use for your surveillance.


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Wireless video surveillance for indoor or outdoor use, wireless security cameras for your office or home, hidden cameras concealed in everyday items, we have it. Whatever your security needs are, we probably have it or we can custom build it. We specialise in spy cameras and GPS car tracking systems as well as all other spy surveillance devices , and if you need a spy camera fitting into a customised item we offer this service. We can express ship surveillance equipment worldwide (often delivered the next day). The point is that many imported items night be the same outside, but often different inside.

Our custom made hidden video cameras are built into everyday household items. Perfect for use as a Nanny Cam or to keep an eye on your office after hours. Security cameras (or surveillance cameras) are popular items to purchase when protecting your home or business. Security cameras feed into a closed circuit television that only owners, employees, or home owners have access to. I sincerely thank everyone who took the time to write me after their purchase and to share their excitement with me. Some of my regular Minox friends around the world I speak with weekly, and we started with a business transaction.

The bad news is that they are now very rare collector's items costing thousands of dollars if you can even find one. The good news is that there is a modern digital camera out at a fraction of it's original cost. Please make sure that your review focus on this item. All the reviews are moderated and will be reviewed within two business days. Power strips, calculators, watches and other items also can conceal audio bugs. Other audio bugs, of course, can be connected to telephones.

Each Item has been tested to assure that each description is as accurate as possible. All the information we have is presented with the Spy cam description. Each item required its own AC adapter (three total), so set-up would require most of a power strip. I didn't start to feel creepy about my project until my credit card was charged.






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