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The Checkbook IRA Can Expand Your Investment Strategy

A checkbook IRA allows you to have checkbook control of your IRA retirement account.

If you're a seasoned real estate investor, you know just how fast expenses can add up on a piece of property. A few trips to your local Lowes home improvement store, a number of calls to your contractor or a simple mistake made by an inexperienced handyman means you have to shell out money, money, money - right out of your pocket.

Now consider for a moment the thought of having to get approval from your IRA custodian every time you needed to pay an expense related to your investment. It can be time-consuming, expensive and downright annoying, especially if you are up against a deadline. This is no way to handle what is arguably the most important asset you have or is it? After all, sometimes the best opportunities are found "on the spot."

Checkbook control means practically being able to buy what you need when you need it and not when you can chase down your custodian for a signature. As you probably already know, sometimes the best investments are made before others learn about them. Without checkbook writing privileges, great investment opportunities could be missed.

How does a Checkbook IRA Expand Your Investment Options?

Having checkbook control means you get to manage your self-directed IRA account to maximize your retirement investment. You can invest in practically any way you want. Following is an abridged list of some of what you can invest in with checkbook control: raw land, tax certifications, hard money loans, trust deeds, probate property, commercial real estate, foreign real estate, tax deeds - and much, much more.

Checkbook control of your IRA gives you true flexibility and the ability to truly diversify your retirement funds. Learn more about this special IRA or call Truly Self Directed IRA (TSD-IRA) to learn more at 877-339-4559.

Make sure you visit the IRA LLC Partner for more information and download a free Real Estate IRA ebook.






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