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Guitar Hero World Tour Guide

Guitar Hero World Tour is looking to double, if not surpass, Activision's previous offering of GH 3: Legends of Rock. When the series first came out, it got massive response from gamers that it stamped music genre as one of the biggest in the industry. And as Activision has infused more changes into Guitar Hero WT, people are predicting another hit.

The new instruments and addition of a music creator is probably something that most fans are looking forward to in Guitar Hero World Tour. If you have fantasies of becoming a rock star, this might be your chance to let it all out!

Apart from the titular instrument, expect to get vocals and drum peripherals to go along with Guitar Hero World Tour. But the guitar still takes on the lead role with some major enhancements done for a better musical experience.

The neck of the guitar has a touch strip which allows you to change notes by merely touching that part. And if you want to switch to star power anytime or go to the menu, you can now easily access the buttons. Meanwhile, the drum set for Guitar Hero WT is not banging loud. Moreover, the sound produced by the pad itself is now more realistic, varying based on the impact and speed of how the pads are hit.

Guitar Hero World Tour takes your rock star experience beyond your fantasies with their impeccable customization feature. The list of playable characters include real-life rock stars, but you can skip them and try creating your own rock star. The customization options are very specific so as you have a rock star that suits your own taste, whether its gothic, punk, or hard-core metal. The instruments could also be customized according to your preference, but mostly are for physical appearance only expect for the string styles which alter the music produced.

Because Guitar Hero World Tour is a music game, having a good track list is important. With bands like Linkin Park, Sublime, Van Halen, or Foo Fighters, there's bound to be a tune you'd love to play. Meanwhile, the gameplay still consists of the typical vertical scroll and horizontal bar to adjust instruments and words, respectively.

Aside from the bands mentioned to appear in the lineup, expect downloadable songs to arrive soon after the game's release or you can make your own through the music creator. A wizard will help walk you through using the music creator to make your own tracks so you can submit it for other fellow gamers to download.
Some more gameplay elements in Guitar Hero WT include up to five careers and a non-linear difficulty progression to give you more options on how you'd like to enjoy this game. But if you find this game a little too difficult for your skills, you will certainly find the new beginner difficulty a perfect venue to sharpen up those skills.

Activision is still mum about the pricing but expect it to be quite "competitive" with what else is in the market.

Want to buy this game ? Dont... unitl you have read our complete Guitar Hero World Tour Guide right now, and make sure its worth spending your cash on Guitar Hero World Tour for the PS3 Xbox360 and Wii videogame consoles.






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