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Why Laughing At Lawyers Is Fun...Until We Need One

Admittedly, cartoonists should not have the final say on law. I am a cartoonist, so I will have the semi-final say, if I may please the court. I find myself in the precarious position of writing about law. Though I do take the law seriously, I find humor in it as well. And I believe I have carte blanche to do so.

I cannot count the number of lawyers in my family. One is too many, right? No, they are actually full of good information. One of my direct maternal ancestors was Supreme Court Judge Benjamin Cardozo. That name might not mean much to the common layman, but ask any attorney and he/she will tell you this judge knew Constitutional Law like the back of his hand.

I have dated attorneys. Some are very astute, and some not so good. I have watched them in the courtroom. Sometimes it is dramatic, sometimes a bit drab. But I continue to have an affinity for the law, given that it is in my blood, I guess. Of course my mother insisted upon either law or medical school for me, so like the good rebellious baby-boomer of the 60's, I became a cartoonist. At least I could make people laugh purposely. People laugh at lawyers, and often the attorney in question does not appreciate it. But how can we help it? I know, I know. They are just doing their job, and we laugh at them, until we need them. Then they are our confidants.

The majority of attorneys of whom I have met and/or associated, truly take their jobs and cases seriously. Sure, like everyone else in business, money is a motivator, but not always the primary motivator. Many, yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus, (or clause in this case), many have a very altruistic side, and take the law and their clients very seriously and want to get the job done for their clients. There can be nothing wrong with that.

As the old joke goes, "It is the 98% of dishonest lawyers who give the other 2% a bad name". It's a great joke, but really far from reality. Many lawyers are just doing their job, just like you and me.

Finding a good lawyer can be expensive, and several Internet-savvy lawyers have launched websites in which the common layman can read, study, and learn about law and legal forms, and actually pay and download template forms from the sites at a fraction of the cost of hiring a law firm. Some of these sites include,, and the up-and-coming, which has not yet been launched but is in the planning stages.

Business disagreements do not have to turn into courtroom law. Mediation has become very popular and there are ways to work out such conflicts, often, and bring the parties even closer, once they realize they have similar goals, simply different ideas as to how to reach those goals. That is okay. It is often done by more professional persons, who is not out to "trash" a partner or remove him/her from the scene. Mediation is very popular these days because it solves a simple problem before it grows into something too big.

Because law is of interest to me, I make sure to do a great many law related cartoons, and produce funny lawyer gifts. Even though many of them poke fun at lawyers, I find the majority have a great sense of humor, and more often than not, when the orders come in for our gifts and collectibles featuring lawyer cartoons, the names have a "comma and Esquire" at the end, in other words, our biggest customers who love to make fun of themselves, are, indeed attorneys.

The Internet's top offbeat cartoonist Rick London loves to poke fun at attorneys with his funny lawyer gifts and collectibles. Top Internet Cartoonist & Entrepreneur's direct page to funny lawyer gifts is here Don't reprint this article.






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