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Free pc dvd burners with playback feature

Shrink to DVD - make the best DVD copies

Shrink DVD is a DVD copying freeware and is used to copy movies etc to DVDs or hard drives. You can achieve at the click of the mouse. Usually, DVDs are single layered (4.7 GB) or dual layered (8.5 GB). The function of shrink to DVD is achieved with the help of this software. The task of Shrink to DVD is operated as actually a freeware and can be available at no cost or at a very nominal cost. The shrink can copy any DVD upto 9.4 GB in size to your DVD.

Shrink to DVD can perform all these amazing tasks without compromising on the quality of sound or picture of the original DVD. However, you must be careful not to make copies of repurchased, scratched or damaged DVDs otherwise Shrink DVD will magnify the flaws in the duplicate copy. Shrink DVD helps you copy from DVD to DVD and Hard drive, Hard drive to DVD and Hard drive, and to burn to DVD-R files from DVD files.

All existing DVD contents are preserved, like original menus, full stereo, subtitles, language tracks, trailers, Dolby digital or DTS sounds. The Shrink to DVD is done with great precision. The Shrink software provide a preview of the video when the movie is being copied. The software supports different types of burner drives including single layer, and double layer. There are freely adjustable target sizes of the Shrink to DVD backup. There is an option of recording without any errors and to enable that buffer protection system is also supported. The DVD disks can be quickly erased and rewritten.

However, you need to have a clean original copy if you want flawless copies made from it. Make sure there are no scratch marks or fingerprints on the DVD. It is best to use good quality recordable DVD disks, such as Verbatim, Fuji, Sony, etc.

If external USB DVD drive is used you should make sure it is connected directly to the computer without using the USB hub. The Shrink to DVD has a simple interface. The software enables the user to choose between DVD elements like the video titles, menus, subtitles, audio tracks, etc. The user is able to choose how the firmness is to be spread across the film.

The Shrink to DVD software can reduce the DVD to 47% of its original size and make an identical back-up copy without any changes. The Shrink to DVD format has an edge over other types of software programs because of its efficiency and speed.

You can get perfect copies of your movies at no extra cost with the help of the Shrink to DVD software. DVD Shrink






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