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Spamkiller: An In-Depth Review

Spamkiller is one amongst the most popular brands of spam filters that help you in restricting the spams. Spams make an essential part in email communication. These are unsolicited emails that get into your email inbox. These email spams, in the beginning stages, were thought to be just some sort of annoyance. But as the technology is advancing, these bad tendencies also are increasing at the same pace. Spam is not at all entertained in the security threat era as the spam is considered as the means for destroying your information completely. As people are depending more and more on the emails for their communication, any threat to their inbox can isolate them from the world completely. Spam filters come to the rescue in such a case, to get over the risks involved with spams. Spam filters are just the tools that are used to screen your incoming mails in order to avoid the spams.

Spam killer, produced by McAfee specifically has certain exceptional characteristics that distinguish it from other spam filters. Spamkiller alleviates the process of access at spam filtering. The normal filters are designed against the well-known Spammers. However, Spamkiller is in advance in detecting the spams by having a mechanism of scanning the emails in multiple parameters as Message header, the message text and sender's address. Country filter is the unique feature featured by spam killer, which facilitates the possibility of filtering emails in accordance with the country name where it is expelled from.

The filters in the Spamkiller are embedded in the program itself. You can start installing the software as you as you've finished downloading the program. The spamkiller runs on your machine when the installation is complete, showing up an envelope symbol on the taskbar. Whenever an email gets into your inbox, it starts monitoring the emails automatically. If it happens to encounter any emails apart from those that are not preferred by you, it shows up a red colored arrow and transfers you to the folder where all the spam mails are stored.

When any email is delivered to the email inbox, it screens automatically the mails and in the event of finding any undesired mails than that of preferences set.

The tool even assures you a day-to-day updated protection as it automatically checks itself with the Mcafee servers everyday, in order to download the up-to-date spam traps, if any. It executes junk text identification and meta-character filtering for identifying unfamiliar emails.

Spam killer enables multiple client based email applications and web based applications, which will help you to monitor the multiple accounts, without any change in your pattern of internet usage. It supports MSN/Hotmail, POP3 and MAPI email accounts. Spamkiller also facilitate features, which help to fight against spams. You can create customized filters on Spamkiller, based on the patterns of spams, you are receiving. The community reporting facility helps you to have discussion with the anti-spam experts in McAfee about any spam emails you have received and assist in the development of spam filters for the entire community. Also, you can send complaints about the spammers to their respective email address or to web site hosts, ISP and relevant authorities, to cancel the spam accounts.

This community deals with the fight against spam nd holds discussions to assist in developing more spam filters. It In all-inclusive, Spamkiller is the ideal for spam filter, which can not only relieve your email inbox but also protects it while fighting against it. Having all features utilized in the Spamkiller makes it a unique product of its kind. However, admittedly the drawback of Spamkiller that it does monitor only to a limited web based email applications in number and doesn't work well with yahoo AOL and some other.

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