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Apple MacBook Air Customer Review

Apple MacBook Air in short is super small, super fragile, and super light. Just a slight tap on the screen closes down the system completely.

Apple MacBook, being the lightest MacBook in its category, sets in in the spotlight, surpassing other MacBook. The depth from the back (at .76 inches) tapering towards the front bezel (at .16 inches), makes this the slimmest.

The curved design of the Apple MacBook Air makes it stand out in the crowd. Other laptops have look thicker due to a flat level of thickness all around, where as Apple MacBook Air has a thickness of .04 centimeters at most parts, and is curved.

Absence of connectivity ports and an optical drive contributes to the limitations of this laptop. There are many innovative features, such as standard voltage processing parts and a full size keyboard, that make up for all limitations. The utility of an optical drive is reduced by having an internet connection.

Apple MacBook Air offers preinstalled software. It includes Mac OS Xv10.5 Leopard operating system, Address Book, Quick Look, Safari, Photo Booth, Time Machine, Spotlight, Spaces, Dashboard, iTunes, iDVD, iPhoto, iLife'08, Xcode Developer Tools, Front Row, iMovie, and iWeb.

Apple has always been an active participant in environmental group Greenpeace in recent years. Apple has enclosed its MacBook Air to suit all environmental concerns. This laptop sports a completely recyclable aluminum case. All circuit boards are BFR and PVC free. Apple has been the first to have a mercury-free display with arsenic-free glass. The retail packaging uses fifty-six percent less packaging material than MacBook packaging. Apple MacBook Air is Energy Star 4.0-certified and EPEAT silver-compliant.

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