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Gas usage and tire air pressure

Simple Tips To Save Gas

With the ever increasing cost of gas, we can all use a few tips to save gas. Here are a few things you can start doing right now to help out.

Just by taking control of a few items, you can actually reduce your cost of gas by up to 20%.
Another way to actually look at this is to increase your gas mileage. A 20% increase in gas mileage is the same thing as a 20% reduction in gas costs.

Today, you can begin by just slowing down. When you drive the speed limit, you are already saving gas. Plus, you really do not get anywhere that much faster, and it is safer. So, I guess there could be 3 reasons for this one.

Before you get in your car today, go tighten the gas cap. A loose gas cap allows too much oxygen in the system, which will leave some extra gas behind after the combustion takes place to run the engine. This is wasted gas.

Third, put some air in your tires. Your car or truck tires are designed to operate at an optimal air pressure. You can find this air pressure rating on the side of the tire. At least once a month, you should check the air pressure in the tires, and ensure it is filled up to the designed air pressure. This saves wear on the tires, and also keeps the car going straight. Which means, the car does not need to work as hard to keep it straight, which means less gas.

The most uninformed habit out there by millions is buying super unleaded fuel. There is no need in this. I really don't care what the car manuals tell you, your car runs just as efficiently on regular unleaded as it does super unleaded. This change alone will save you 5-6% in gas.

This list of tips to save gas is only the surface. There are many more tips to save gas out there right now, that are very simple to put in place. Do your part, take a more active role in your fuel consumption, and reduce your gas costs today.

If you are looking for ways on how to save gas, then this FREE book with over 60 tips to save gas will help you cut your gas bill by up to 20%.






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